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  1. Help! My Witnessed tags are dissappearing!

    No, Lorna, these people are only in my single large database. As stated above, this one family unit from my large database has lost all the census information that I had entered. For the 14 people in that group, the census tags for 1870, 1880, and 1900 - with each child, spouse, etc linked as a witness to any and all of the census records they were listed on - came up missing. They showed up for a while after I entered the information, but then one day they were just missing. No census tags, no witness tags, nothing. Since I have done a lot of extensive work on that particular family group lately, I'm thinking something must have happened to my data while it was open or a report was being made or something. This sounded very similar to the problem you posted about yesterday. Have you had any luck retrieving your census witness tags?
  2. Disappearing witnesses

    Hi Lorna, It appears that we are in the same boat, as I posted about the exact same thing happening to me last week! (My post is also in this section, titled something like 'dissappearing witnessed tags'). http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...?showtopic=4132 The bad news is that I still haven't been able to correct the problem. I was wondering if the census tags with witnesses had dissappeared from other people in your data set or was it just the one family group? It was also the census tags with witnesses that dissappeared from mine. I had been doing extensive work with a family group of 2 parents and thier 12 children, had multiple census tags for this group (for the 1870, 1880, and the 1900 census), all the applicable kids linked as witnesses to the tags they appeared on. The only difference I can see between us is that I didn't change the roles, and my census tags and witnesses showed up for a while, as I referred to them often after they were entered. After I noticed my information gone, and then calmed down (talk about panic!), I checked some of the other family units I know I had witnessed census tags for, that were seperate from the ones mentioned above. Thankfully, I haven't found any of those other ones missing, yet anyway. I hope we can figure out why this 'dissappering census' episode happened and figure out a way to safe guard against it in the future. Tina
  3. Help! My Witnessed tags are dissappearing!

    I just tried the Family Group Sheet with those specifications, and the census data did not show up. I am using the standard census tag, so some of my families will have 4 or 5 seperate census tags in their 'details' window, one for each year I have found their name on a census.
  4. Help! My Witnessed tags are dissappearing!

    Hi Virginia, and thanks a bunch for trying to help me with this. I really appreciate it. None of the rightclick menu filters are on. The Census tag does show up in the Master Tag list. Also, I have found some people whose census info (linked to witnesses) is still there. The family units of a particular branch that I have been working the most on recently, though (a couple with 12 children) is just gone. Their names and all the other information and tags are there, but the census information linking all the kids as witnesses, for them, their children and spouses is just gone. So, I'm at least glad I have found some census info still intact, but I am worried that what is left may also dissappear. I have over 2,000 people in my genealogy files, so it will take a long while to go back to each family unit to see how many census and witness tags are gone and how many are left.
  5. Help! My Witnessed tags are dissappearing!

    I just checked, but it was already unchecked. Any other ideas on this, please.
  6. I noticed this morning that all of my witnessed tags have dissappeared! I am about to be sick over this! I spent most of the summer typing in a butt load of census information, linking everyone mentioned on the household's census as a witness. This was really great until it DISSAPPEARED! Not only it it NOT showing any witnesses, ALL of the census information is GONE, as the Census tags themselves do not even show up! I emailed tech support this morning, but they tried to call me at home instead of emailing me, so I don't know when I will actually be in contact with them. If anyone knows of a quick fix for this PLEASE tell me! I'm using TMG V6.01. I haven't tried working with the backup files because I want to first find out what caused my data to suddenly become invisible. Thanks in advance, Tina