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  1. Thanks for your quick response Jim. I searched other forum posts and found instructions for opening TMG v9 as an administrator and saw the outstanding unlock message. I have now successfully done this. Thanks again for your help!
  2. I am not currently locked out. Can I do this with the TMG v9.05 program now, or do I need to do it the next time I am prompted to enter my TMG v9 Serial Number. Sorry for not being more sophisticated.
  3. I purchased TMG v9 Gold Edition online on 8 Feb 2014 after using the 30-day trial version, which worked well. In 2018 I had to re-install the program after I replaced my hard drive. I was able to successfully unlock TMG v9.05 with my Serial Number for The Master Genealogist v9 Gold edition. However after unlocking TMG v9.05 I periodically get messages that my trial period has expired and I have to re-enter my TMG v9 Serial Number. Re-entering the Serial Number is accepted each time I do it and I am thanked for purchasing TMG v9. But the trial period expiry message keeps recurring. Besides being a bit irritated with this recurring problem, I am worried that I will eventually be permanently locked out of my TMG v9 program. Is there a permanent fix for this issue. Thank you for your assistance.