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  1. Witnesses with 2 roles at the same time

    Thanks for the ideas, Carol and Terry. Like Jim, I have noted these suggestions as I'm sure both will be the way to go for different purposes as I continue to use TMG. For the Will problem, I think Terry's suggestion fits better with how I use TMG, but I will keep Carol's alternative in mind when I have other needs for multiple roles/one name. Thanks again - two problems solved overnight by asking this Community: great stuff! Best wishes, Greg
  2. Godparents-godchildren links

    Thanks, guys, for the suggestion re witness roles in the baptism Tag - that's an elegant and effective solution to what I am trying to do! So that's one problem solved. Thank you again, Best wishes, Greg
  3. When I create an Event for a person in TMG for their Will, I want to add all the names mentioned in the Will as witnesses, so that their own "page" includes the link, even if they are only distantly related or not related at all: the information this gives about relationships with the deceased is worth recording. I've added roles to the default Will Tag for executor/executrix, beneficiary, etc but I can't record the same person as both an executor and a beneficiary (though this often happens in a Will's provisions, of course) - the software tells me that this person is already included as a witness ad won't allow me to add them a second time. I can see why the program might do this, but can anyone suggest a work-around that would allow me to record the same person discharging two different roles with regard to the same Will. I guess the same facility might be equally useful in some other Tags, too. Thank you for any ideas! Best wishes, Greg
  4. Apologies if (i) this has been dealt with before and/or (ii) if I'm just being dumb, but I just tried to enter a godmother-godson relationship as an Event in TMG, using the built-in Mother-God and Son-God Tags. The software then asked if I wanted it to create a marriage between the godmother and the boy's father! Even if you say no to this, the program creates a blood-line relationship. Of course, this is a nonsense so I deleted the entries and created my own custom Tag where I could record this relationship in a "neutral" way but still have it in both individuals' series of life events and family history. I feel it is worth including this as an Event because it can show that two families were close and this in turn can help understand other ways in which they may have interacted, including through marriage, common migration patterns, similar occupations, etc. Is there a way to avoid the godparent/child Tags creating a blood-line relationship? It seems to me that this is actually mis-programming (I haven't explored if the other options like Adopted and Foster do the same!). Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thank you! Best wishes, Greg
  5. I am a newcomer to TMG. After working with the trial version (v6.02), I decided to buy it and went for the higher-priced package that includes a printed manual, since I find it easier to learn new software with a printed guide beside me, rather than flipping between two electronic screens. Turns out that the printed manual I paid £10 extra for (and I assume a similar supplement applies in the US and elsewhere too) got me the v5 manual. The only v6 manual available is the (free) electronic version on Wholly Genes' web-site, which I also had downloaded. In none of the advertising or pre-purchase correspondence about this did any warning occur that the printed manual is for an obsolete version of TMG, and the existence of a v6 electronic manual, plus normal reasonableness, would lead a purchaser to expect a v6 manual with the v6 software CD. The response from the vendor is pretty much "that's the way it is". I think this is tantamount to a fraudulent way of getting an extra £10 out of TMG buyers. I don't imagine this mailing will reach many who are considering a purchase of TMG before it gets lost amongst the archives but I feel obliged to warn off those who might see this: don't waste your extra cash on an obsolete printed manual! Greg Harper