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  1. Known Bug List

    Or how about either: 1. A separate, restricted "Known Bugs" forum whereby a moderator/WG staff would move a topic from the V6 forum to the Known Bugs forum when the reported problem was verified as being a bug. No one would be allowed to post directly to the Known Bugs forum. This would put all the known bug topics in one place. OR 2. A new topic symbol (perhaps a little bug?) that a moderator/WG staff would place/change next to a topic when it becomes a confirmed bug. Then one could elect to display only the topics in the V6 forum that were known bugs. John
  2. Inoperative Link

    In the Other forums group-- GenBridge Software Development Kit (SDK) (requires password). See this site or email inquiries to gbdeveloper@whollygenes.com. The words "this site" is underlined as a link but it gives you an error when you click on it. Since the subject forum requires a password, it appears that the only way to get info on the gbsdk is to send an email. Thought you'd like to know. John