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  1. I am unable to import FTM 2008/2009 files produced by FTM 2012 and FTM 2014 into TMG8. I have no problem importing these files into TMG7. I am using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Every time I try to import I receive the error "Declare DLL call caused an exception. 21 GRINDNAMES." I completely uninstalled TMG8 and reinstalled it using the latest version that I downloaded today from the web site. I still receive this error. What else can I do to alleviate this problem?
  2. Import from FTM 2008

    The FTM 2008 import is being developed and is currently in beta testing. Do you know how soon this will be released? I tried exporting as GEDCOM 5.5 from FTM 2009 but I lost all my media and all my source citations and links. It is really grim. If you still need any testors I would be glad to volunteer. Eileen Souza Eldersburg, MD
  3. Unwanted Messages

    Many of the forums, blogs or newsletters I subscribe to use an activatation of a new account. It sends you an email and you must go to a link to acknowledge that you are the person applying for the account. In addition, to combat bots, every time one submits comments, replies, messages, etc. one has to enter some random numbers/letters to prove on is human. If you go to this type of approach I favor all small letters ond a background that allows one to see the letters to type. Eileen
  4. FTM2009 Import

    That's a nice thought but I used FTM 2008 to source my entire database and link sources to images being heavily motivated after my lovely cruise with Wholly Genes last year. I have to say that FTM 2008 saved my tremendous typing with its merge feature for Ancestry.com, which is where most of my data came from. So I will just patiently await the import. I tired GEDCOM but actually, FTM does not produce great GEDCOM files so I lost a lot on the import. I will say that TMG imports GEDCOM much better than other software packages I've tried--it keeps the images. Every other one I tried this with lost all my images. Eileen Souza
  5. FTM2009 Import

    I wish to convert all my FTM 2008-9 data to TMG. The GEDCOM export for FTM 2008-9 is not as robust as the direct import of FTM16 into TMG. I have been waiting since the release of TMG 7.0 for this feature. The reply I always receive is under development. Are we close to release yet? Eileen
  6. I would like to import my FTM 2008 data directly into TMG 7. I thought I read somewhere that Wholly Genes is working on this interface. If so, does anyone know when it will be available? Eileen
  7. Thanks Jim, that fixed my problem as well. Eileen