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  1. I was getting ready to order and upgrade to my TMG7.04 but, thankfully, I stepped in here to read this thread. Glad I did! WhileI am, overall impressed with what all TMG can do, I've been underwhelmed with the TMG User's Manual and thankfully found a third-party publication that is world's better than the manual that came with the product which, to be quite honest, is nowhere near the quality of the software itself! That said, I still am amazed at the power of what the software can do. One thing, however, that struck me in this message thread is the lack, after just over 2 months of the time this thread has been active, of any response whatsoever of the Wholly Genes staff to any of the points brought up by the various users. No, "We're working on that...", "That's not feasible because..." or even a "That's not the case/truth because..." It's as if nobody in the company cares what the user's think or believe! Does anybody read the posts that are here? Feedback from customers is part of the lifeblood of any company because it tells you how your product is doing. Feedback from a company tells the customer that somebody is listening and cares. Future customers see/hear/read what present customers say and often make (or don't make!) purchases based on the dialogue between customers and company. That is, I believe, a known fact. I wonder if this message will generate any company feedback or if it's just a wasted effort. One thing is certain, and that is there will be no upgrade purchased by me for TMG unless a two-way conversation between customers and company starts soon! Tom Putnam
  2. GEDCOM exports bad?

    Thanks for the reply, Jim. Mike noted that the Ancestry site has a problem with Chrome and since I use Firefox, I tried an upload with IE and it went off without a hitch. Tom http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/style...icons/icon1.gif
  3. GEDCOM exports bad?

    Michael: Seeing that Ancestry had a problem with Chrome, since I've been using Firefox for a number of years, I thought that might be the root of my problem. So, I went back, tried it again using IE and, sure enough, the problem was solved and the file uploaded. The only reason I've kept a copy of IE around was in case I had to go onto a Microsoft's site so now I guess I've got 2 reasons to keep a copy of it around. <g> Thanks for the valuable hint that solved my problem. Tomhttp://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/style_images/1/folder_post_icons/icon1.gif
  4. I've exported my data into GEDCOM format twice now, once in Ver. 5.5 and once in 4.0 and have tried to upload both to 2 different websites with no apparent success in either case. On one site the transfer apparently completes but nothing else happens. Okay, that could be a problem with the website. So, I tried uploading both versions to Ancestry.com. Both uploads start and as the progress bar starts moving, it gets about half way and then seems to pause for an extended period of time. After awhile, the bar completes and Ancestry.com comes back and tells me that the upload was not an apparent valid GEDCOM format. Any idea what is happening here? There are just under 8000 people in the data set so it certainly doesn't seem if size would be the problem! Tom