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  1. Thanks - it's v6 and I'll try re-installing it. I don't really want to upgrade at the moment - I'm shortly going away for 18 months and won't be doing any family history, and when I get back I wil need a new PC anyway (this one creaks a bit!), so it makes more sense to upgrade then.
  2. Thanks .....but.....I've followed the instructions for the first reply, but it's made no difference. I've tried to follow the instuctions for the 2nd reply - the Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 driver isn't there, but v2 is. However I don't have cdintf400.dll anywhere on my PC - should I have? (I'm running on Windows XP). If so, I'm wondering if this could be the problem - when I open Outlook it starts trying to install something from the Windows disk (which isn't there!), and this started happening a couple of weeks ago (although Outlook then works fine). I uninstalled a couple of prgrammes I no longer needed at around that time.
  3. I'm using TNG Silver UK edition in it's originally installed form and have never run any bug fix updates. Suddenly I am unable to open one of my 2 projects. When I open TMG I can click on 'last project' and that opens OK (call it project A), but if I click Select to go to my other project ( B ) I get this error message:- OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered If I hit Ignore, I get:- object LOFORM is not found If I click Ignore several times the same message repeats, until I get :- variable 'LCFilename' is not found. Hitting Ignore again gets:- Function argument value, type, or count is invalid. Several more Ignores gets:- Variable 'LCEXT' is not found then :- Operator/operand mismatch type, then back to:- Function argument value, type, or count is invalid, then:- Nesting error. Finally a message telling me to specify the name of the project - when I hit OK on that, the box closes and I'm back at square one. If I open proect A and then try to open Project B via the file menu, it asks me if I want to close project A - whether I say Yes or No, absolutely nothing then happens to enable me to open project B. Heeeeeelp!!