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  1. several names for one city simultaneous

    Mine' may be a simplistic answer, but I enter the place name as it was when the record was created, with the current name in parentheses: Ost-Berlin (now Berlin) I don't feel that the changes in the interim are needed. Though I do note them in the place name memo, for my own research purposes.
  2. Exhibits, Internal or External

    Each of my projects have a separate folder - the name of the project. Within that folder, I have four subfolders: 1. Data 2. Notes 3. Photos 4. Reports. The contents of each are pretty self-explanatory. I put all my pictures in the photo folder, as external files. The same with text exhibits, which go in the Notes folder. If I want to back it up, or share the file, I can just copy the entire project folder, and it will copy the notes, exhibits, and pictures along with the datafiles. There isn't any duplication of files, so there's no extra memory used. And it keeps down the size of my backup files. If you have lots of exhibits, and they are internal can make the backup sizes grow at an alarming rate.
  3. I have a "default" project which has all my customized tags, sentences, etc. It has one person in it ... me. I keep it as a default, and when I want to apply that structure to another project, I just make a copy of it (select "Copy Project" from the File menu). If you have a pre-existing project you want to apply it to, just merge it to the "default" project. If you're starting data entry from scratch, you'd just use the copied "default" project and begin entering your new data. I created the "default" project by exporting myself into a new project. You could do the same by just exporting any person from the project which has the sentences you want to copy. You can then just delete that person from the new project.
  4. Contact: Julie Kidd at orroots@cs.com or 503-233-7807. Meeting info: We meet the Fourth Wednesday of the Month, year round. Meetings begin at 7:00 and last until the last person goes home. Meetings are held at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon Library, 1505 SE Gideon Street, Portland, Oregon. Web site: See our page at the Forum's website at http://www.gfo.org/tmg.htm Mailing list: The Genealogical Forum mailing list (ORFORUM), has meeting notices and announcements. Sign up for free through the GFO Website. Other info: Meetings are informal, with no set agenda. Come get assistance, answers to most of your questions, see a demonstration of the program, or meet with other TMG users to share ideas. Laptops are welcome!