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  1. Obituary as source

    Terry, Thanks! I knew it had to do with citation, but I didn't connect the "d" with detail. ChowBoy
  2. But I'm still living!! ChowBoy
  3. Obituary as source

    Carol, I know this is a dumb question - but what do you mean by "cd"? ChowBoy
  4. I have over 1200 obituaries in my previous genealogy program database. Most of them come from several local newspapers, but I do have probably a dozen or more newspapers that I use as sources for the other obits. How do I create an obituary source in TMG 6 for multiple obituaries from the same paper? ChowBoy
  5. Terry, Ok, I guess this is how I am going to have to do it. All this learning/re-learning is fun! ChowBoy
  6. Terry, Great - I think this is what I was wanting. Now to figure out how to do it :-) ChowBoy
  7. How nice! You unknowingly answered my next "how-to" question for this new user! Thanks! ChowBoy
  8. Vera, Thank you for your reply. However, I do have the date format set as you instruct above as dd Mmm yyyy, but data entry still reverses the month and day when I input 6-3-1905 (June 3, 1905) as 6 Mar 1905. ??
  9. New user and am unable to find an answer to this question in the documentation: How does one indicate that a person never married, or can it be done in TMG? Thanks.
  10. I am test driving TMG 6.03.000 and have a problem I can't seem to find an answer to in the documentation. I am used to inputting mm-dd-yyyy to enter dates in my old genealogy program, but the results are not the same using TMG for some reason. If I enter 07-09-1960 I expect the output to be 09 Jul 1960, but what I get is 07 Sep 1960. How do I change this behavior, or do I need to change the way I enter dates?