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  1. Backup Failure

    Maybe I was not clear, Betty Lou. On what hardware device is the destination of that backup file? And if it is not an external device, what is the complete folder path for that backup? Are you sure the folder is one for which you have write permissions as a user, and not a protected system folder? (I know I am stumbling, but it is hard when I can't look over your shoulder and see what is on the screen ) It works. I went to Preferences and discovered it was backing up to my other computer. How that happened I do not know but corrected the destination of the backup file and it works fine. Thanks for the help. Betty Lou
  2. Backup Failure

    Michael, I am backing up to my backup file in TMG 7. Any other theories? Betty Lou
  3. Backup Failure

    I just merged two projects and then merged two data sets. Then deleted the data set that was not desired. I ran maintenance on the new project and then attempted to back up. I got a message: Input file read failure - This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process. I checked for any zip files in the project and found none. Both merged projects previously backup worked OK. Betty Lou
  4. I cannot change MY Users Group message

    Barbara I am not that lucky. I think I will give up. I am not attempting to modify but to put up a new meeting and it will not let me. It was a nice service while it lasted. Betty Lou
  5. I cannot change MY Users Group message

    I spoke too soon. I am now able to add to the calandar but the message that comes up is that it will be reviewed. I suppose they did not like my message because neither of them were posted and no response from Whollygenes as to why. It was only a post for the TMG Users meeting. Betty Lou
  6. I cannot change MY Users Group message

    I finally got my access to the calendar fixed. This time Bob Velke replied and ask me to try again. It works now for me as of August 1st. Betty Lou
  7. Add me to the list. I much prefer OO to Word. Betty Lou
  8. Tag for slave as possible relative?

    Thanks for the discussion. Our next meeting will cover all of the contributions and will discuss the pros and cons of this situation and possibly other situations that are similiar. Betty Lou
  9. Our users group has a problem. that one person has a slave owner that was very close to a slave that had children. Most probably by the slave owner. The Balck side of the family wants DNA but the White side of the family does Not. Our member wants to tactfully put the Black family into her TMG genealogy. What kind of tag could be created to accomplish this? A chart could be made with a dotted line to the slave family but how could she have a tag linking to possible children that have not been absolutly proven as children? Betty Lou Albuquerque TMG Users
  10. Goheen Genealogy Albright Genealogy
  11. Edit the Topic line

    Thanks a Million. I shouold have noticed that my topic was too specific. Betty Lou
  12. Edit the Topic line

    I have in the Users Groups the (NM) Albuquerque TMG Users August meeting. I would like to edit the topic line to read ... October meeting. Or is it best to just leave it (NM) Albuquerque TMG Users. I could delete the original topic and start new, but it is easier to just edit the original topic. Betty Lou