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  1. I had not heard of OpenOffice until I read this topic, (I lead a shelterd life and promise to get out more ). Having trialed it for a week or so I am a convert and as such would like to add my "Me Too". David
  2. When I start TMG Gold UK Edition v. 6.07.00 project explore opens with my custom layout as a Surname Collapsed List, however, many names are missing and many blank spaces are shown. If I Validate the File Integrity the window works normally, I admit it's an easy fix, but it's becoming a bit of a nuisance having to perform it every time I open the program. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a clean download of v. 6.07.00 as well as deleting the *.cdx files in the projects folder, sadly all to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am slowly loosing the will to live . Regards, David.
  3. Unable to open TMG 6.08

    Brenda, Can't help with the problem I'm afraid, however, if it will help those who can diagnose it, I've had a similar problem. Since upgrading to 6.08 (UK version), on two occasions the same thing happened. It doesn't happen every time I start TMG, but when it does, a restart seems to cure it. David.