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  1. Major Meltdown!

    I opened up TMG having not used it for a little while. All appeared well until opening up any tag. In the Memo box appears a message: "Evaluation Expired! To purchase, ...." Then a pop-up box appears saying: "Evaluation expired. This is an evaluation version of TEDeveloper's Kit. Please vists our website www.subsystems.com to purchase this product. If you ...." etc., etc Soon I get another op-up window saying: "OLE error code Ox80004005. Unspecified error ....." etc This repeats every time I close and reopen TMG. Any thoughts?
  2. Major Meltdown!

    Jim, thank you for you advice. The re-install changed nothing (v7.04 UK version) I ended up getting excellent advice from TMG support (Phil) who suggested maybe another programme on my computer was stuffing things up. He was right. I had installed an evaluation copy of "Author-It" (a documentation programme) and that was the culprit. Once deleted and TMG re-installed, all was back to normal, much to my relief!
  3. 7.2 upgrade error messages

    I got the same error message and chose "Abort" Now I'm getting more error messages such as "Variable 'GAREMINDERS' is not found. 2MYHINT.RELEASE" Now I can't Abort, Retry or Ignore so I have to use <Ctrl-Alt-Delete> to re-boot. If the problem persists I'll come back.
  4. On my laptop (not connected to internet), I recently changed my log-in name (I was playing around with a peer-to-peer network setup) and deleted my old log-in name. Now when I tried to apply the update to v6.03, I got a message saying that I had originally installed TMG for only one user (the one I had since deleted) and had to change to that user to install the update. I added the old user name and logged in as that name, but got the same message. I can still run TMG, but can't update. Is there a way of chaging the TMG set-up to allow all users (for the update)? I would appreciate any help. I'd hate to have to re-install, especially when my laptop is not connected to internet.