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  1. One of my most important Flags is Relationships. Because I'm researching many families with the same surname (and many people with the same first/surname combinations) I have far more than the Ancestor, Common Ancestor, Married options. Each option has a different Accent colour. I have been adding to the list of options quite frequently and have had a lot of problems with managing the accents. Each time I add one, the whole list can be affected, or only part of it. Most recently, the first two options got knocked right off the Accents chart. Somewhere in the instructions, I think I read that there is a limit of ten accents in a single chart, but this hasn't been the case for me. I currently have about 20. Could someone please tell me how to manage the list so that the program doesn't arbitrarily remove/change some accents.
  2. I don't know the correct terms for my problem. I'm still using V7. For some reason, the boxes for things like adding witnesses and sources have expanded (far beyond what I need) and now some of the views (probably not the right term) for entering data are too big. The buttons at the bottom end up off my screen and I can't hit the Okay/Cancel/Help buttons to finish the process of entering data. Even moving the tabs from the top isn't always enough. This is a relatively recent problem. What have I done and how do I correct it?