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  1. Tag problems

    I'm having a problem to get some tag sentences to behave how they should. I like to have a line space between each tag output so I have two carriage returns at the beginning of most tag sentences. I have had it that way for years and it has served me well. I have now decided I would like to try an indent in the first line of each tag's output, and have added a [:TAB:] to the sentences, after the carriage returns, eg: the Burial tag is [:CR:][:CR:][:TAB:][PF] was buried <[D]> <in the [L]> <[M]>. I added the [:TAB:] to the sentences in the Master Tag Type List. Most of the sentences work as expected but a few misbehave, notably Occupation, Census, Death and Burial (of the one's I use most). On the Burial tag entry screen, for example, when I click on the Tag type and select Burial, I see the correct sentence structure [:CR:][:CR:][:TAB:][PF] was buried <[D]> <in the [L]> <[M]> but when I click on the Sentence structure tab below the Memo box there is no [:TAB:], but there is a single space where the [:TAB:] should be [:CR:][:CR:] [PF] was buried <[D]> <in the [L]> <[M]>. If I close the gap it re-appears next time I open that tag. The funny thing is, there are quite a few occasions where the sentences are correct. I've manually changed a few but not all the ones that are correct are the ones that I changed. It may be easier to revert to what I had before and remove the TABs from the Master Tag List. I did do a backup before I started playing around with it, so I might do a restore tomorrow, unless someone has a clue what is happening.
  2. Tag problems

    Thanks, Terry. Couldn't figure it out, so went back my previous version. Might revisit it at another time, when I've got more time.
  3. Pocket Genealogist

    I have a Windows phone and would like to put TMG on it using the Pocket Genealogist program. However, I seem to have hit a problem. When I go to install the program I get an error message as follows: The Microsoft Database driver used for the 'direct' RootsMagic (Version 3 or older) and The Master Genealogist import is not working. Press the 'Web' button to go to the Microsoft website for information on how to resolve. If you aren't doing 'direct' imports from RootsMagic or The Master Genealogist, you may ignore this warning. Otherwise, you may wish to stop the install and fix first. When I press the "Web" button I get sent to a web page "Visual FoxPro Downloads" with a list of 8 downloads. Which one, if any, do I need to download? Does anyone on the forum use Pocket Genealogist? If so, are you happy with the output it supplies. It seems to me that it would be a lot better than lugging a laptop around
  4. Pocket Genealogist

    Thanks, Jim. After a bit deeper digging I found Pocket Genealogist won't work on my phone (Nokia 920, Win Phone 8). They support Windows Mobile devices, which are 4 or more years old, now. Pity!
  5. Weird Memo

    I have a Memo entry that is behaving in a strange way (there could be others, but I haven't found any, yet)! The output in Individual Narrative report has extra symbols and in SS, words run together. This is a couple of lines from a narrative report: She½was carried inside in an insensible condition, and was later conveyed to Dr. Wells,½and since then she had received treatment½at the hospital. There was a chance of½her losing the use of her arm. The same line from SS: Shewas carried inside in an insensible condition, and was later conveyed to Dr. Wells,and since then she had received treatmentat the hospital. There was a chance ofher losing the use of her arm. However, when I copy/past into Word or Notepad, it appears correctly: She was carried inside in an insensible condition, and was later conveyed to Dr. Wells, and since then she had received treatment at the hospital. There was a chance of her losing the use of her arm. Does anyone know what is happening?
  6. Weird Memo

    Thanks, Helmut. I edited a couple of the places with the symbols by deleting the last letter, the space and the first letter of the next word and retyped them and it seemed to fix the problem.
  7. Weird Memo

    This is a copy/paste directly from the memo: She was carried inside in an insensible condition, and was later conveyed to Dr. Wells, and since then she had received treatment at the hospital. There was a chance of her losing the use of her arm. As you can see it all looks normal. I can edit in the memo and put an extra space before or after the ½ and that will look OK in SS but not in TMG reports. Another strange thing; when I hover over the tag in TMG, and the memo drops down, the symbol, instead of ½, is ♫. Weird.
  8. un-merging a project

    This follows on from my previous post, about merging projects. Now that I've done that, I don't think its what I want as it didn't do what I was hoping. How do I remove the 580-odd people that were added in the merge? They don't show up in any search window; they don't appear in the Picklist but they do show in the Project Explorer but can't be filtered there. I can list them with a List of People Report but can't work out how to remove them in bulk. I still have the original project they belong to so I don't need to extract them, I just want to delete them. Is there a simple way of doing that?
  9. un-merging a project

    Thanks, Jim, that did the job.
  10. Merge projects

    I've never tried this before but .. . .. I have put together a family tree for a friend, in TMG, with about 450 people, and have found our trees overlap in at least 3 places. I decided to try merging the two projects. The merging went smoothly and all the merged names appear in the Project Explorer but not in the Picklist. In TMG Help, under "Merge Projects" it says The data set numbers for individuals in A will stay the same and the data sets in B will be appended to the end of A, their numbers changing accordingly. Perhaps I don't understand the way it works but the numbers of B didn't change, only the prefix changed, as in 5:26. Is there a way to merge the data so I can merge the two sets of data so they become one?
  11. Merge projects

    Thanks, Terry. It something I wasn't aware I could do. Will be handy.
  12. Merge projects

    I should read some other posts before I jump in! I'll read Terry's Tips first, I think, and work it out from there. Looks like it's a bit more complicated than I thought and I probably can't do what I was trying. One thing I'm interested in doing is having two TMG screens open, side by side. I have two monitors and would like to be able to compare data sets but I haven't figured out how to open two instances of TMG at the same time, or do I need it to be on another computer (laptop)?
  13. Audit report

    Is there any way to mark items that have been checked in an audit report so they don't keep re-appearing. eg. Born after father was 60 years old, birth after fathers death, more than 15 children, born before father was 16 years old, died after age 100 years, etc. Often, when checking an audit report I find I'm re-checking people I've already passed as correct in an earlier session. Would be nice if I could mark them, somehow, in the database so they don't keep re-appearing on subsequent audits.
  14. Audit report

    Thanks Terry and Michael, I thought that was the case. I've always sorted using surname; I find its easier to work down the list, but I can see a lot of merit in sorting by ID number as you suggest, Michael. I'll try that next time, thanks for the idea.
  15. Search for exhibits

    I think I know the answer, but will ask, anyway. If I have, for example, people who have served in the armed forces, and I have attached exhibits to some of them, is it possible to do a search, in TMG, for the ones that don't have an exhibit attached? I haven't been able to find a way, but perhaps I'm missing something.
  16. Search for exhibits

    Other than # of Tags, the "# of.." properties in the search engine in TMG is something I've never explored closely. Since I've been using the programme since Ver.4, that's a bit embarrassing. I can see I could make more use of this. Although, it would be nice to be able to search for exhibits attached to events, as well. Thank you, Terry.
  17. In the last few days, when opening TMG for the first time in the day, in the last 2 out 3 days, the “Unlock the Full Version” window comes up, says it’s an “expired trial version” and I have to go through the hassle of re-entering my registration details. If I click "close" so the program can open, naturally I can’t edit anything but under “Help>About....” all the registration details are there, including my registration number. It hasn't happened every day but often enough to be a pain in the proverbial! I’m using v8.04 on a Windows 8 64-bit computer and have never had this problem before. Once TMG has been unlocked it behaves as expected, even when closing and re-opening the program several times during the day, when doing a rebuild of my Second Site database. Has anyone else had this problem and found a cure? I couldn’t find anything using a search on the forum. Daryl
  18. Frequent re-register (under Windows 8)

    Thanks, Jim, I'll do that when it happens again next week.
  19. Frequent re-register (under Windows 8)

    Thanks, Jim. I hope you can find a solution soon. At least it's good to know that it's not something I've done or can control!
  20. Frequent re-register (under Windows 8)

    Thanks for the links, Glenn. However, I'm not using any registry cleaners or other "add-ons". I've been using the same anti-virus software for 10+ years (ESET NOD32); nor did I have this problem with Windows 7. Today (30 Jan) is the first time it's happened since my original post (22 Jan) so hopefully the events may be getting further apart and eventually disappear!
  21. Date query

    When entering a "cremation" event I keep getting an error message; The date (12 Jan 1998) IS outside the expected range for this tag type (100-300). Proceed anyway? I click "Yes" and it all goes as it should. This is a new project, and I don't have the same message in my other, "main" project. Why should it start now? Ignoring it doesn't seem to affect the output, it's just an annoyance, having another window to click.
  22. Date query

    Thanks, Michael & Terry. You're right, Terry, I did create the cremation tag and, somehow, the "date validation" had reverted to 300.
  23. Error message

    When I tried to open TMG this morning I received an error message: “A subdirectory or file c:\users\darryl\appdata\local\temp\tmg7update34092897\already exists”. Hitting “ignore” just made it get further bogged down and I had to C/A/D to close it down. Do I need to remove a file or reinstall the program. I did a backup last night before closing; will that be corrupted? EDIT: Don't bother replying, I ran Chkdsk.exe and it seems to have fixed whatever the problem was.
  24. F3 repeat not working

    I'm using the Gold UK Edition of TMG v 7.04 and have lost the ability of the F3 key to repeat entries. About the same time that it first happened, I found I had a faulty mouse which was having driver problems; not sure if there is a connection between the two events. Do I need to re-instal the program or is there a file somewhere that I can fix? It's becoming a bit of a pain having to type in the same addresses all the time!
  25. F3 repeat not working

    Thank you.