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  1. ASUS EEE & thumbdrive

    I was told by two people on the cruise that it was possible to put the entire TMG program, plus data, etc., on a thumb drive so that I may use the ASUS EEE tiny computer. So far I have not been able to figure out how to do this. Would some kind soul give me simple instructions on just how this is accomplished? A computer whiz I'm not! TYIA........and a Happy New Year to everyone Carol
  2. ASUS EEE & thumbdrive

    ________ Hadn't heard of the OQO -- that's an interesting little gadget! No - I was thinking of using my husband's ASUS -- but it sounds much too complicated for me so I'll just go back to my VIAO, which is lightweight enough. Thanks for the information - I'll keep my eyes out for that one. Carol
  3. ASUS EEE & thumbdrive

    Thanks, Jim. looks like this isn't the best idea for my limited abilities. Guess I'll just keep lugging my2# VIAO around - actually, the case is heavier than the computer! I appreciate the complete instructions and will keep them in case....... Carol
  4. --- I'm having no problem running TMG 7.03 on Parallels, either. But I do keep everything on the PC side. I was wondering why you want to move them over to the Mac? Carol
  5. __________________ For this use the report --> list of --> events --> Filter --> Tag type label equals the name of the tag you want to change/delete, etc. Under "Options" you can list the info you want if you like. I don't. Then run the list -- this will give you a list of everyplace that tag is used. I've always gone through and changed each one (like you, they were few). It may be that TMGU will change them - I've not tried it. I prefer to do it one and one because then I have control of sentences, etc. Not hard.........Carol Collins
  6. Apple Computer considerations

    No, TMG does not have an Apple version. However -- using Parallels (as in the reply above) you'll never know that you're not using a PC. It runs beautifully (actually, a little faster), does whatever you want it to do, etc. I highly recommend it! That way you can have your cake and eat it too And you can also use the other PC programs you're used to, ie: Quicken, etc. Carol Collns