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  1. You might try the current version of OpenOffice. It's free and should so all of what you want - and much more. Down side is that it is large to download - about 93 MB. <"http://download.openoffice.org/2.1.0/index.html?focus=download">
  2. Dick, You continue to impress me with your use of the several tools available in and around TMG. Thank you for this idea. I looked at your web site and will use the image map concept on a CD I'm committed to make for about 60 family members. Needless to say there are several group photos and I'll apply image mapping to several of them . Thanks to you. Paul Lund Hillsboro, Oregon
  3. Thanks for the response John. I hope to see the capability in a possible future release. In the mean time I'll follow your advice and do something different. I use a digital voice recorder to capture the actual voice of relatives. Older ones, or the younger ones going into combat. I link the digital audio file of the voice to a photo of the person. Makes for some very impressive results. Thanks again for your response. Paul Lund Hillsboro, Oregon
  4. John, As Glen mentioned: "Right click an exhibit, access the Properties menu, second tab is Audio. Click the Load button, navigate to folder where an audio file is stored." Works like a champ for me in TMG on 2 PCs - one uses XP media Center and the other is XP home. Both are current with Microsoft updates. It takes WAV, MP3, & WMA files. I'd like to see Second Site bring the audio file used with the jpg in TMG over to the HTML file created by SS. Thanks John. Paul Lund Hillsboro, Oregon
  5. Thanks for the response. Audio files alone, and even movies (mpg and wmv) do as you suggest and work fine in the html file generated by Second Site.. The problem is with jpg files that have audio files linked to the jpg (photo) - no sound or evidence of anything to give the option of playing an attached or link audio file. Paul lund Hillsboro, Oregon
  6. I have audio files linked to jpgs in the exhibit log and they play just fine in TMG. I'd like them to play when the jpg is selected in the generated html file from Second Site. If I'm reading and interpreting the Second Site Help file correctly, I should be able to do this. When I've selected the linked audio file option in Second Site nothing happens - no sound out. Any thoughts, comments or help are appreciatted. Thanks in advance. Paul Lund Hillsboro, Oregon
  7. Restore problems with 6.08

    Had same problem and making the backup as suggested from File/Backup solved my problem as well. Thanks to all of you for the solution. It works.
  8. Slideshow Audio Problem

    Had the same problem and reinstalling the demo version worked for me as well - on laptop and desktop. Laptop runs XP Home and Desktop runs XP Media Center Edition. Thanks for the cure.