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  1. Does Second Site offer a way to put all names into the name index, including alternate names? Thank you, Dale
  2. Tree Pruning Using List of People

    A wild guess: Are there 688 people with 757 names? Dale
  3. My citations disappeared

    Any news about this issue? I'm using 6.07 and I'm starting to lose citations. I believe, but I'm not certain, that the defect has something to do with F3. When I use F3 to enter a citation I sometimes lose a different, recently added citation. I don't know what other variables are involved. Dale
  4. Some of the marriages I'm entering have three associated events: 1. Marriage intentions. 2. Marriage certification. 3. Marriage ceremony. I'm considering adding Marriage Intentions and Marriage Certification tag types, and using Marriage to record the ceremony. Anybody have better ideas for this? Any recommendations for how to map these tags to GEDCOM fields? Are marriage banns the same as intentions? I've never heard of banns before today, and my limited research gives me the impression that banns have a more specific meaning than intentions. Thank you, Dale