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  1. Version 8?

    What are you referring to? You can now drag and drop image files from Windows Explorer into the Exhibit Log. Sorry. I did notice that later. I have never found the media portion to be very intuitive though. I don't know if you have seen the new software My Blood, but it has a very visual interface for things like data, media, mapping, including sibling, parent, child data in the timeline, etc. I'm not looking to switch because from what I can see there are also drawbacks and things I would miss, like the some of the flexibility of the interface and reports - it just has a different and somewhat more current feel. For example, being able to put one picture in and identify all of the people in it, linking it to each of those in the database. I couldn't get the map portion to work at all but the way it is 'supposed to look' from the documentation looks very interesting. It might prevent me from putting New York in the country space or misspelling Manhattan. Just thoughts. I love TMG. Lori I feel the same way about media portion of TMG. I have also seen the myblood software and looks impressive in that front. I will also stay with TMG for now. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option when you right click on the different tags to let you open directly our exhibits on our preferred image viewer. (Windows Live Photo Gallery for me). That will permit us to look fast our exhibit and bypass TMG's when we want and let us use xmp and other options, cheers, Raymundo
  2. Thank very much. I was looking for the full version, not the upgrade, to install it in a new laptop I got. Although it is not clearly available anymore I managed to get it writing Http://www.whollygenes.com/files/tmg6setup.exe. I hope it will stay there. Now I will keep it for future installations
  3. I am trying to download version 6.12 to install in my laptop but I only seem to find the new version. Can anybody directed me to the download page? Thank you Raymundo