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  1. Journal Report not print the person images

    Placed one image in the internal exhibit folder and left a different image in the external folder. Attached both images in the person's individual Exhibits. Ran the Journal report with "include (export) internal images" unchecked. Worked great! The external image showed up but not the internal image. Worked regardless which image was set to primary. All the other report types were generated as expected.
  2. I have been working on some changes to the Journal output. Basically it is in the area of image exhibits. Have many multiple personal images for people in the data base I wish to include all in the Journal report. Since each image in the multiple is aligned vertically in the output, have elected to line them up horizontaly in Word along with their captions and make an image out of the composite to be placed in an exhibit for a special tag that has no sentence or memo. This tag is then placed as the first one in the persons tag list. One other advantage from my standpoint is that the image is placed after the name of the person in the report which I prefer over ahead of that person. Anyway my problem now is how can I not print the "normal" person's image which appears ahead of the name? Must have that for some of other reports; such as, charts and FGS. I tried to check mark the "resize person images only" and set the max size to zero but that is not permitted since smallest number permitted is 1.0 inches for both H and W. Notice there is an option to "Include (export) Internal Images" and "Include External Images". Can I have two separate storage areas for exhibit images. If so, how can I transfer some of the external images to the internal folder? In that way I could uncheck the include internal and leave the external checked to not print the required person image and still do the event image printing in the report. Also, where is the "Copy to Destination Folder' located?
  3. Backup Exhibit Files

    Thanks Terry. Would lean in the second direction since I have already associated many images to the Images Other sub-folder. This approach leads to another "Report" question an will open a new topic on that.
  4. Backup Exhibit Files

    Thanks for the information. Looks like the options are: put all my exhibits in one folder (then backup/restore works) or keep the multiple folders and backup them separately. Will have to think about this! Joe
  5. Backup Exhibit Files

    TMG V9.05 I have the following path set up for external files: E:\TMG Exhibit Source Repository\ and 3 subfolders named "Audio Clips", "Images People" and "Images Other" in which the particular files are placed. For many years, have only had "Images People" files. Just started to put files into the "Images Other" sub-folder. Can look at the "Properties" --"Info" and all is ok. In other words both paths work ok. In the "Files">"Preferences">"Current Project Options">"Advanced", the "Exhibit Folder" shows: "E:\TMG Source Repository/Images People\". When I now do a backup, the Images in the People files folder are saved as before but the Images in the Other Files folder are not saved. Before I changed anything, thought I would check first. Must the Exhibit Folder path end with the sub-folder containing the files or will changing the Exhibit Folder path to "E:\TMG Source Repository\" allow access to all three sub-folder files? A minor point (since it has been working) is that even though the Advanced root folder name is "TMG Source Repository" and the actual name is "TMG Exhibit Source Repository" backup does save the Images People files!
  6. Name Variation in Image form

    Jim, Sorry for this late response. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks ok in the reports and cannot think of any other solution. Joe
  7. I have several cases for which I have person's name in Chinese character representation. I tried to copy an image of the representations into the Name-Variation Tag's Memo but cannot copy. Any suggestions to include such representations in a tag or other method? Thanks, Joe
  8. Reports Memo Variables and [L] variations

    Thanks again for your inputs. I think I understand it now. For some reason, I did not realize the FGS and Individual detail reports do not use the sentence only the memo. My summary: (1) “FGS” and “Individual detail” reports do NOT use sentences in the tag. The memo is used only however any variables in the memo are not resolved. If the memo is called out in the sentence, it is ignored. (2) “Journal” and other narrative reports process both the sentence and the memo included in the sentence. All variables are resolved in both. (3) In either type of report, memos not included in the sentence can be selected to not print or print embedded or endnotes. Also tags can be individually selected to be processed in either report type.
  9. Reports Memo Variables and [L] variations

    Thanks to both of you for your advice and clarifications. I think we can dismiss the second question on "L" but still a bit lost on the report item. I ran a simplistic test as follows using only an "Employment" tag: Employment tag Sentence: < [D], > [P] began employment < at [L]>. <[M]> Memo: He also worked at [L1] on the date of [DD] for years after. Where : P = test Person Date = 2016 L1=sampson industries L3=longmont L5=colorado Report output. Memo =endnote and Tags=all. FGS Employment 2016 sampson industries, iongmont, colorado; He also worked at [L1} on the date of [DD} for years after. JOURNAL 2016, test Person (2655) began employment at sampson industries, longmont, colorado. He also worked at sampson industries on the date of 2016 for many years after. Looks like the FGS does not process the sentence as you noted but does add fill in the values for the variables in the sentence. Anyway, the question still remains. Terry, I use your census tag formats and thanks for that work. You use variables in the memo information. When you produce a FGS report do you simply mark those tags as "not use" in the output options? Another example is the employment tag above. How can I use such a tag to produce just the memo for FGS and just the sentence for the Journal?
  10. 1. Using the sentence variables in memos. Variables in memos are resolved in: ahnentafel; ahnentafel direct; individual narrative; journal reports. Not resolved in the family group sheet and individual detail reports. I would prefer to use the sentence variables in a memo. Wonder how the "unresolved reports" are handled. Is the assumption these two reports are not of interest to most people? 2, Wondering if there is an "easy" way to handle selections of the [L] fields for individual tags. For example, for a residence tag might want L1-L5 and for education tags include just L1, L3 and L5. In the latter education tag, would still like to fill in L2 and L4 just in case I may use it later.
  11. Finding split cds

    Many thanks to both of you: Terry and Michael. The list of citations with "contains ||" worked great! Now I only have 640 more corrections to make!! Joe
  12. Finding split cds

    Any ideas on how to search my citations or database to locate split cds? I want to change to a non-split cd format.
  13. footnotes and bibliography problem

    Thanks again for the help. Yes, unchecking "Unique" in the "Report Options: Sources" corrected the footnote problem.
  14. footnotes and bibliography problem

    Thanks Terry and Michael, Yes I was trying to have one such source for each newspaper with articles designated in same paper having the same source with article specfics designated via the citation detail. Did not realize that one should look at the bibliography as the representing only the whole book/document; thus, no citation info. Makes sense once that is pointed out! Remaining question is why the problems in the footnotes? Thanks for your help, Joe
  15. Windows 7 and TMG 9.05 Cannot seem to get the CD variables resolved on report printing. I can get the correct print on other definitions that use split CDs. On this patricular problem source definition, the preview comes out ok; but the printout in a report has unresolved variables. Here is an example: Source Definition for #1281 newspaper title: Daily Union Short Newspaper title: Daily Union Location: Schenectady, New York Comments: this IS a COmment full footnote <[iTAL:][NEWSPAPER TITLE][:ITAL]><, loc [LOCATION]><, c01"[CD1]"><, c02[CD2]><, by [CD3]><. co5Website name [iTAL:][CD5][:ITAL]><. c06([CD6]><: c07[CD7])><. Personal library file name: [CD4]><. [CM]><. [COMMENTS]><. Hereinafter cited as [sHORT NEWSPAPER TITLE]>. short footnote <[iTAL:][sHORT NEWSPAPER TITLE][:ITAL]><, "[CD1]"><, [CD2]><. [CM]>. bibliography <[iTAL:][NEWSPAPER TITLE][:ITAL]><, [CD2]><. Website name [iTAL:][CD5][:ITAL]><. [CD6]>. Citation for Birth Tag source #1281 CD: obituary||feb 2, 1936; p.34, col 5||byline person||hjc8421-005-k001e001||jim's hosting website|http:??test.web.com/gh||was there 2013|| CM: MEMO output in report bibliograaphy Daily Union<, [CD2]><. Website name [CD5]><. [CD6]>. endnote 1. Daily Union, loc Schenectady, New York, c01"obituary". MEMO. thisIS a COmment. Hereinafter cited as Daily Union. Joe