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  1. Focus group

    I'm trying to create a gedcom of one particular family. I get the oldest person in that family, add him to the focus group, then add descendants and spouses. The focus group adds all descendants, but not spouses, and I have to go to each individual and click on "add others" to get the spouses. Does anyone know how to cure this?
  2. program errors

    That worked, thank you. I should have just done everything under "maintenance" anyway - don't know why I didn't.
  3. program errors

    I keep getting program error messages when entering new info, "Variable bysec is not found 51 repush", "Variable 'byfield' is not found 90 repush", "Table has no index order set 91 repush". I have tried reindexing from the maintenance menu, I have uninstalled the program (ver. 9.05) and reinstalled, still can't get rid of these errors. They come up when entering info on any new field, and I have to click on ignore every time to continue. Any suggestions? This just started last week.
  4. I have been trying to make a focus group consisting of a specific ancestor, descendents to x number of generations, and include spouses. The result is ok for descendents, but only some spouses are included, most left out. I can't figure what the programs deciding factor was, but does any one know how to include all spouses, or what I'm doing wrong. I want to export this group as a gedcom, but can't get all the people I want.
  5. erased program

    I opened TMG this morning, was presented with an option to download updates. I clicked ok, and 10 minutes later, I got an error report that said the download didn't work, but it had also uninstalled TMG from my computer. There are no files left anywhere that I can find. My last backup was about a month ago, so I guess I've lost this last month's work. Needless to say, I'm pretty upset. Is this happening to anyone else?
  6. searching expanded pick list

    Thank you all for replying. Under the options tab in the pick list view, there are some options for "Apply accent settings on:' Father;s, mother's and spouses columns. When I cleared these, the problem went away. This happened even with Accents turned off.
  7. I upgraded to V8 last week. I have almost 18000 names in the data base. The problem I'm having is incredibly slow search response. It takes at least 4 seconds to page down in the pick list. I use the expanded pick list, since I usually need to see spouses names. I did not have this problem in V7. Accents are turned off. Any suggestions appreciated. BTW, my old version #7 is still installed. Could this be a problem?
  8. search

    Is there any way to search for John Smith, born whenever, whose wife was Jane Doe.
  9. Data sets

    How can I move a person from one data set to another? So far I haven't been able to see any way short of just re-entering all info.
  10. Is it possible to enlarge the font on screen in the tat entry boxes? I'm getting older and the tiny print in the boxes drives me crazy
  11. Program shuts down

    I have version 6.09, running on Windows XP. Lately, my program will shut down all by itself while I am entering or editing info. This has happened 3 times. When I re-open, there doesn't seem to be any data lost, but it is disconcerting, and I can't help but wonder if it will get worse. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a fix?
  12. I am trying to find all persons named 'Robert' who married 'Sarah'. I am unable to find any field for marriage names in Explorer. How come?
  13. sort children

    I cannot get children to sort correctly chronologically. I have entered sort dates for all children (11), nothing seems to work. Any suggestsions?