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  1. UK vs US version

    I know I saw this in the old site, but the bit where it describes how to convert & revert seems to have been moved... has anyone found this since the WG site change? I've got v6.09.000 US for my side of the family, but I would like to make the "hybrid" version as mentioned in this thread, as my better half is English. Do I need to also purchase the UK version in order to get the UK timelines, name & place styles, and custom source & tag types? I've already got a lot of England & Wales census data, along with some birth, marriage, & death certificates to enter, but I've been putting it off because of the differing formats of place names, etc. We're heading out soon on a genealogy trip to Cornwall, and I'd like to have most of this entered into my tablet PC so I can share it with relatives there, plus I hope to find even more BMD info during the trip. Many thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Google Earth, anyone?

    That is really neat! I love the descriptions you've put on it, too!
  3. Google Earth, anyone?

    I used it to locate land purchases, much like on Richard's site, but I only used the pushpins as name labels and left it at that. But what was really neat was seeing that there is a cemetery located on the land my ggggg-grandfather owned back in the 1820s. I'd have never known about it, had it not been for GoogleMaps. Now it's on my list of places to look up if/when I ever make it to Madison County, Alabama!
  4. :yes: Oooh....WANT!!! :yes: Exactly what I'm hoping to do. In fact, I logged in today to search on collaborative usage of TMG. I already use SS, but a version like this would be great!! (Eager - OK, desperate - to help with alpha & beta testing when the time comes!)
  5. Documenting Legal Guardianship

    Theresa, first of all, I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you very much for posting your method. That's given me some ideas for further development of my own, as I hadn't thought about putting in the deceased parent's information. I appreciate your taking the time to post it Regards, Carol
  6. Documenting Legal Guardianship

    Whew... did I ever luck out. I *thought* I was modifying a marriage tag, but it was an alt tag. Thankfully, it was in the Other Events group. Again, thank you, Terry.
  7. Documenting Legal Guardianship

    Thank you, Terry. I had not thought of the problem of having both tags show in the person screen. And I don't want to lost the links in Second Site, so the memo idea would definitely not work. I got the bright idea of modifying a marriage tag, putting the guardian as P1, and one ward as P2. That seems to do the trick of having both wards show up on the guardian's detail view, while only the guardian shows up on each ward's view. I guess I'll have to decide which tag to put the securities on, in order to keep them from showing up twice (can't think of any other way around this offhand). I haven't tested this in Second Site yet, but I'll report back when I do. Thank you for the help! Carol
  8. Hi all, I am seeking advice on documenting legal guardianship. I have two cases, so far, in which one person was appointed legal guardian of two children of a deceased father. I have tried doing it as a Parent-Child relationship, but since there's no place for date or witnesses in that sort of tag, it doesn't work quite as I want it to. I also tried creating an "Other" tag with the roles of Guardian, Ward1, Ward2, Security1, and Security2, but in the person view of a child (Ward1), he's shown as a Witness, not in the Role of Ward. This is nitpicky, I know, but it does get confusing when trying to sort out relationships at a glance onscreen. I've also tried creating separate tags, in which each Ward is a principal, as well as the guardian. (I haven't run across a case of joint-guardianship so far, but I can already see where that wouldn't work in this way.) Ultimately, I would like to see something like this... For example, where Elijah D Skidmore was appointed guardian of Andrew N Barnett, I would like to be able to look in the Person view for Andrew and see something similar to the following: Type: Ward of (instead of Witness) Date: Oct 1847 Name/Place: Elijah D Skidmore, Sevier Co., AR And then in the person view of Elijah D Skidmore: Type: Guardian of Date: Oct 1847 Name/Place: Andrew N Barnett, Sevier Co., AR I know I'd have to create "Guardian of" and "Ward of" tags to get exactly that format. That type of onscreen display, at least, is what I'm after. But I have a feeling that would open up major cans of worms when trying to compose report sentences, especially when using anything other than the "raw data" style in Second Site. I have looked in the excellent "Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist," as well as on Terry Reigel's and Lee Hoffman's websites, but I have not seen anything addressing guardianship specifically (doesn't mean it isn't there; just means I've missed it. ) Basically, I think I'm just new enough at all of this to get myself in trouble when I start trying to customise things on my own. I'm wondering if it would be best just to document it all in the memo field in a tag for each party, with the securities listed in Security (witness) roles. I get the feeling I'm missing something fundamental to the problem, so I thought I'd post here first to see if anyone who's handled similar situations might have some tips on how they accomplished it. Many thanks
  9. UK version for 6.08.00?

    Thanks, Les & Martin... I'll give it a shot.
  10. UK version for 6.08.00?

    Hi Martin & Les, Thanks for your replies. If I'm interpreting your messages correctly, it sounds like you either started with the UK version in the first place, or converted from the US version to the UK version prior to the 6.08.00 upgrade. I think that's where my problem lies; I was trying to convert for the first time from the US installation to the UK version. However, I did it after the 6.08.00 upgrade, so I got the message saying the conversion program wasn't created for this version (the 6.08.00, I'm assuming.) But hopefully they'll have an update for the conversion out soon.
  11. Hi, Just curious as to when there'll be a UK update for version 6.08.00? I downloaded & extracted "install_uk.zip" this morning after the upgrade (just coincidence on the timing, I guess), and when I restarted TMG, I got an error message saying that the file "install_uk.dis" was not created for this edition, and would be renamed to "install_uk.di2" and ignored. I'm assuming the same thing would happen with the "install_us.dis" file, but I haven't tried it. Many thanks