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  1. Thanks, Jim. Teresa Ghee Elliott told me to send my backup to a new project folder. That worked and now I have my project open. Should I still go in and delete the Temp files? Do you have any other suggestions for cleanup?
  2. Using Win 7 and TMG v9.05. Cannot open or restore project. Attempted to optimize and computer froze. I did not have a cloud backup nor external drive connected and I shut off my virus protection and scanning before optimizing. Restarted computer and TMG. Sample Project file will open. My data file will not. error "missing _NPV.dbf" Attempts to restore last backup and one previous to that all get error message that "someone else is using the project" and will not restore. Uninstalled and reinstalled TMG with same results. No longer get file dbf missing message, just "someone else is using the project" and will not restore either of the last two backups. Found a windows error message 12-05-2015, 13:01:37 13Alias 'BASE' is not found. 24 FILTERDATA2 but I do not know where this fits in. Assume it is from when computer froze and I forced shutdown. Any suggestions? Thanks, Judi
  3. I use TMG primarily as a research tool because of the Surety feature. All unproven info is given a 0 or 1 Surety until it is either proven (2 or 3) or disproven (-). When I run the Family Group Sheet report (customized only by changing Surety level to 2), the report still counts all children with a surety of 0 or 1 and includes them as an unnamed person. Tried changing surety to - on every name, relationship, and event and the FGS report still counts and includes these unproven children. Am I missing something? Thanks, Judi Baumgarner
  4. Running v8.08. I'm still finding more. The latest was a Death tag with a 3 security in the display for a - security when I opened the tag. Guess I had better upgrade and cross my fingers that v9 will fix this old v7 bug in my database. I've got almost 13,000 people and I can't fix them individually.
  5. I agree completey, John. But I was hoping for a solution before I upgraded. I'm in the middle of a project and my reports will not print correctly because of this surety bug which I thought was fixed when I upgraded to v8. And I will upgrade as soon as I finish this project as I have done with every upgrade since I started with v4. I'm still a big fan of TMG.
  6. Some of my sureties are not displaying correctly. They are either missing or wrong. It happens most with names and relationships but I've also found it in other tags. I've run all three maintenance options and it seems to correct but then I find more of them. I was told this would be fixed when I upgraded from TMG7 to TMG8 but it hasn't. I've just switched to another line I have not worked on in a year and am finding more of them. The display automatically corrects itself only when I open the tag. It is really messing up my reports. I don't want to move to TMG9 until I can figure out how to fix this and know that it is fixed. Thanks for any help. Judi
  7. v8.06 update failure

    Thanks, looks like the simple uninstall and reinstall worked. Sorry I couldn't find your response when I searched the forum.
  8. I recently updated to v8.06 Gold on my desktop successfully but cannot update on my Toshiba netbook. I have v8.04 on it and when I check for an update, it says I have the current version. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Judi
  9. 8.04 update failure

    It worked. Thanks for all the time you spend monitoring this Forum Jim. Judi
  10. 8.04 update failure

    I've followed all instructions mentioned up to the "drag installer version" . There are two folders left in CPROGRAMDATA. One is a TMG8 folder dated before I tried to update and the second is TMG8 Installer dated today. Should I delete the older folder and then execute from the v8 Installer dated today OR should I delete both folders and install from whollygenes? In other words is the v8 installer in the current folder the latest 8.04 version? I'm new to Win7 having just left XP, so am being extremely cautious I know. At least I found out how to view hidden files. Makes me almost want to go back to DOS.
  11. Upon startup I was notified to update to 8.04. The update installation failed and now TMG8 is gone from my computer. Should I download v8 from whollygenes.com or call support? Thanks, Judi
  12. Flag Living problem

    This is why I love TMG. You ask what you thought was a simple question and get all kinds of new ideas. Yes Michael, that is what I was trying to do. I see now that using the Death Tag was a mistake. Using the last entered tag as mentioned by Terry would work just as well for my purposes since I record everything I find. I even record what I don't find to remind myself where I looked. Yet another reason why I love TMG. I still can't believe I never noticed it changing the Living Flag until now. Thanks again, Judi
  13. Flag Living problem

    I learn something new every day. It's a good thing I haven't uploaded my tree because there just might be some living people who would be surprised to learn they weren't. Thanks.
  14. If I use an after date for deaths [aft 1950], living flag changes to N. Is this a bug in v8? Thanks, Judi
  15. Looks like you both came up with a solution. Consider me grateful. And a big thanks for monitoring this Forum. Judi