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  1. Nevermind - I found the answer in a thread 4 pages back entitled How to Find the Focus of an Exhibit. Sorry for any bother, Michele
  2. I had 4 missing exhibits. Using TMG Utility, I ran Verify Exhibit Paths. That told me which Persons 3 of those 4 exhibits were supposed to be for. For the last missing exhibit, TMG Utility gives a file name (which I can't find, so I'm sure I've lost that file), didn't give a Person #, but rather says "Citation 1937798." When I run a List of Citations, I have 61423 citations. How do I find which person this exhibit was attached to, so that I can delete it and not have any more missing exhibits? I hope this makes some sense, Michele
  3. Thanks, Michael. I ended up using the Immigration Tag, citing the Passenger list as a source, and using the following sentence structure: [P] <|and [PO]> immigrated <along with [WO]> <[D]> <to [L]> <on the [M1]> <from [M2]> Which turned out like this: Annie Roseine Thomas and Margaret Williams immigrated along with Sylvia Mary Jeremiah and Gertrude Jeremiah on 08 Dec 1904 to New York City, New York, New York on the S. S. Oceanic from Liverpool, England. Michele
  4. How would I write a sentence for two sister-in-laws found on a passenger list, each with their respective child? Jeremiah, Anna Rosina, 23 (wife of Jacob) Jeremiah, Margaret, 20 (wife of John) Jeremiah, Sylvia, 4 (daughter of Jacob and Anna) Jeremiah, Gertrude, 3 (daughter of of John and Margaret) Would Anna and Margaret both be principals? Can I get the sentence to show their relationship to each other as well as their relationships to their respective husbands? And how would I get the sentence to show the parents of each child? Would a separate sentence structure be needed for Principals and Witnesses? I"m not exactly sure how this works. Michele
  5. Should I make some Custom Tags?

    Hi Terry, I've been using TMG for a long time, but never noticed those Tags before! Thanks for pointing them out. Michele
  6. Usually, I only record BMD and such, but this family had some interesting things happen to them that were recorded in their local newspaper, i.e. she was thrown from a wagon and lived (she was in her 80s!), and around the same time period their house burned down, nothing could be saved, and the community took up a collection for them. These seem like things that, while maybe not of genealogical value, are worth sharing somehow in the database. Suggestions? Michele
  7. I entered the twins in the wrong order. Neither one of them was named. On the death certificates, they were Baby Boy #1 and Baby Boy #2. I entered #2 first. I already had their sister born 1 year later. Both twins were born premature on the same day and died on the same day they were born. Twin #2 appears before Twin #1, even though I made Twin #1 1st in birth order, Twin #2 2nd in birth order, and sister 3rd in birth order. I also tried changing their birth as Multiple - 2 (Twins) to ? or Single, but that didn't help, either. What can I do to make them appear in the correct order? Thanks! Michele
  8. Settings don't stick anymore

    Thanks, that worked.
  9. I'm running TMG in a virtual Windows 7 window using VMware Fusion on a Mac. Every time I reload the program, the settings I've selected the last time I ran the program don't stick. For example, when it loads, it shows the screen that asks me which database I want to load. I uncheck the box that says not to ask me next time, but the next time I load the program, the box is there again, instead of taking me to my database automatically. I also previously set the Tag Box to show the age column. But, again, when I restart the program, I have to set it again to show the age column. Has anyone else experienced this and what can I do to get my settings to stick?
  10. Thanks, Glenn. I went to System Preferences > Keyboard and selected F keys work normally, and that solved the problem. Again, thanks! Michele
  11. I'm using TMG 7 on an iMac using VMware Fusion in a virtual window. In the window, when running TMG, the F2 and F3 keys do not work. Does anyone know how to get the use of those keys from the Mac to TMG? It's really bugging me when I have to keep typing the source number, city, county, and state instead of just hitting F3. Thanks in advance for guidance. Michele
  12. Wow, Terry! I would never have guessed that that's how you do it. It worked. I've never even bothered with output sentences, so had no idea that would do anything. Thanks AGAIN! Michele
  13. I decided to create a custom source type for the draft registrations that I have. I'm trying to follow Terry tips on this and not being very successful. I copied the "Military Service Record - Filmed." But, I don't want all the same fields. Military Service Record - Filmed has: Title Short Title Subject Publisher Publisher Address <Film> For what I want to do, I guess Title, Short Title, and Subject are OK, but instead of Publisher, I'd like to put something like Website Name (since the registrations came from the Family Search Pilot website), URL (for the URL of the website), and Digital ID (because there were only images of the registrations and each image has a digital ID). But, when I try to put those in, Publisher, Publisher Address, and <Film> still remain. How do I get rid of them and only have the fields I want? In addition, I'd also like to add Date and State.
  14. Thanks, Terry. That is, of course, my primary quandry regarding sources: To lump or separate? In the past, I have lumped (primarily with electronic databases) and have separated (census).
  15. Hi All, I have a bunch of WWII draft registrations. They all occurred in April 1942 and include address, birth date, place of birth, name of person who will know the person's address (not always the wife), employer, employer's address, height, weight, eye color, hair color, complexion. Would it be a good idea to make new tags for height, eye color, hair color, etc., or would that be too much information? How should I cite these cards? Thanks, Michele