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  1. Every now and then I will be viewing someone in the Person View and want to switch to Tree View. When I click the Tree View tab I am taken to my own Tree View page. Not sure it has anything to do with it my ID # is 250 so it is not taking me back to #1. This does not happen every time but it does happen about once in 10 or 20 times. I have run all of the Maintenance utilities. This has continued to happen after I did a reinstall of WIndows 10 after installing a new solid state hard drive. I am running TMG 9.05 Gold on Windows 10 ver. 1709 64-bit. Any suggestions on fixing this would be appreciated. Walter Wood
  2. Sentence Problem

    I thought I had, but I was doing it from the box in the lower left while changing from one person in the database to the next. I was not aware that I needed to or could double-click on each witness. Thanks a lot Terry, I really appreciate it. Now I wonder how many other sentences I need to go back and check. Both TMG and Second Site have so many great capabilities that I seems almost impossible to know them all. Walter
  3. Sentence Problem

    Hi Terry, I had been going to each witness and changing the Sentence. I see now that was only changing the result for the principle. I did what you suggested and that works. The Sentence for the Witnesses now reads [:CR:][M] with [P1], [WO] in <[D]> <[L]> and it comes out the way I wanted. "Was present at a family reunion for descendents of Decanie Dexter Dowling with Herbert Lewis Dowling, Henry A Roseberry, Edna Tuten, George Odom James, Rosena Youmans, James Frankling Dowling, Cameron Leroy Dowling, Moye Clifton Dowling, Wilbur Boyce Dowling, Lois Duncan, Maude Wiggins, Lily Maude Boyd, Harriet Mamie Sue Dowling, Edna Lenora 'Nonie' Dowling, Ida Mae Dowling, Ethel Louise McDaniel, Anna Ruth Flood and Saidee Elise Dowling in spring 1954 at Herbert Dowling's home, Treasure Island, Pinellas, Florida." (I changed the Principle from the previous example I posted.) Now the only issue I have is that the women's maiden names are displayed rather than their married names. I did not see a way to change this other than changing their name in person view to their married name.? Thanks for all the help. Walter
  4. Sentence Problem

    >> Verify the Language that appears at the top right of the Tag Entry screen, >> then compare it to the one specified on the General tab of options for the >> report you are using. Everything appears to be English US. I am also seeing the same result in Second Site 5 Walter
  5. Sentence Problem

    I am just now learning sentences so I may have missed something here. I have a photo from a family reunion with 20+ people in it. These people are all in my database. I added a Tag to one of these people and then added the rest as witnesses. I changed the sentence fpr all of the individuals so that it would list all of the names in reports. This change is reflected in both the principle and the individual witnesses in person view. However when i create a report only the principle is shown. The new sentence is: [M] with [P], [WO]<was |and [WO] were> <[D]> <[L]> When I view it in the Tag Entry screen it reads: Was present at a family reunion for descendents of Decanie Dexter Dowling with Saidee Elise Dowling, Henry A Roseberry, Mary Martha Dowling, Edna Tuten, George Odom James, Rosena Youmans, James Frankling Dowling, Cameron Leroy Dowling, Moye Clifton Dowling, Wilbur Boyce Dowling, Lois Duncan, Maude Wiggins, Lily Maude Boyd, Harriet Mamie Sue Dowling, Edna Lenora 'Nonie' Dowling, Ida Mae Dowling, Ethel Louise McDaniel, Miki Ann Fluker, Anna Ruth Flood, Herbert Lewis Dowling, Richard Lewis Dowling, Robert Warren Dowling, James Austin Dowling, Edward Hawthorne Fluker Jr., David Thornton Fluker Jr, Bobbie Fluker, Walter Dowling Wood and Joan Fluker was spring 1954 in Herbert Dowling's home, Treasure Island, Pinellas, Florida. However it only reads this way for the principle in a report . For the witnesses it reads: Ethel Louise McDaniel was a witness when an unknown person was Family reunion for Decanie Dexter Dowling's descendents in spring 1954 in 1954 at Treasure Island, Pinellas, Florida What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Walter
  6. I should have noted that I did not have to reboot or reenter my serial number or any of my custom Preferences after the reinstall. I did reboot however out of caution. Walter
  7. I had already reinstalled before getting your message. I had checked the Program FilesTMG folder and found it empty except for one log file under a folder called PDF . Everything seems to be working OK now but I have not been presented with the update yet. When I ran the update it did open the WIndows permission dialog which I OK'ed. It went through several dialog boxes then an installer dialog. That appeared to run normally but another a dialog box opened saying there was an error. (I should have made a screen shot but did not.) I clicked OK on that dialog and it appeared to be rolling back the update but then simply hang. This left two dialogs open: the one for the install and the one declaring there was an error. I waited several minutes for these to respond but then had to force close both of them using the Task Manager. After I rebooted, I noticed that the icons were missing and I found the program files gone. Walter
  8. When I opened TMG today, I was presented with the option to update to 8.04. I said OK and the install asked a few questions and started to work as expected. After a few minutes I got an notice that there was a problem and that the update would need to remove the update files. I click OK but nothing happened that I could observe. After a number of minutes and clicking again, I had to force the install program to End. I rebooted my computer just in case and tried to run TMG again but found that the icon on the desktop and start menu were gone. Apparently what the update did was remove TMG 8 program files and icons completely rather than just the update files. MAJOR FAIL!! AVOID THIS UPDATE UNTIL THINGS ARE FIXED. I guess I have to reinstall. Walter Wood Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit Intel Core i3 with 8 GB RAM
  9. TMG8 and Win8 first experiences

    I also installed TMG8 on my WIndows 8 computer with the Consumer Preview. The only issue I had was that after the install of TMG went without problems, the PDF writer tried to install but crashed. I was able to browse the sample database and do other normal functions in TMG other than print to PDF. Aalston you might have a bad install of Windows 8. Walter
  10. Desktop Icon Not Working Correctly

    >> Select the Tmg7.exe file, right-click on it, drag to your desktop, >> release, and select 'Create shortcuts here' from the menu. This is how I got the icon I am using now.
  11. Desktop Icon Not Working Correctly

    The only thing I have in the Start Menu is Check for a program update! Not TMG Icons at all. Walter
  12. Somehow I lost my desktop icon for TMG7.03. I recreated it with the following properties: Target: "C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg7.exe" Start in: "C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7" Run: Normal Window Now when I double click the icon TMG checks for updates and then exits completely without starting. I then have to double click the icon again to start the program and it then starts normally. I checked and the path in the shortcut and it is correct. I am running Vista Ultimate SP-1. Anyone have an idea how to eliminate going through this process of having to open TMG twice to get it running? Thanks Walter