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  1. Serialnumber lost

    Hello TMG-Team, i have lost my serialnumber for TMG 7. Since TMG is dicontinued - how can i get help? (And is there a way to upgrade my V7 to V9?) Best regards, Philipp
  2. Splitting a Familytree

    Dear ladybonita, thank you so much for this excellent walkthrough! It worked just perfect. In case others have the same question that i had, i'll just add the info how i continued from the focus group in order to output the group via Second Site 2: 1. Create a Flag (FILE -> Flagmanager) and give a name that suits your purpose best 2. Go to REPORT -> List of... ->People 3. choose "focus group" as subject(s) of the report 4. Klick OPTIONS -> Secondary Output ->Change Flag (to Y) 5. Klick OK and the Create Report 6. When asked, tell the Computer to change the flag for all people in the focus group Now in Second Site you can exclude everyone from export who is NOT in the list. Thank you again! Regards, Phil
  3. Hello everyone! I am trying to export only branch of my family to a website using second site 2. In this case it is my great-grandmothers line. - I do want everyone of her siblings, cousins, direct ancestors etc. included but - i do not want to have her husbands family and - i do not want any of their descendands included. So - using the image of a tree - i just want to use one branch. It would be OK to put them in a new database. It would be even better to continue using my database and markt this branch with a flag. Since i got over 5000 people in my database i can't flag them by hand. I am shure this has been done hundereds of times but i havent found it here on the forum, nor in the manual. Thanks in advance, Phil.
  4. Setting Flags per person might be a way, but not the best, as i think: I've got abot 5000 people in the DB that i want and about 500 that i dont want to have. So it would be a awfull lot of work. I am really surprised, that there isn't a "delete everyone who is not related to this branch Button". - Philipp
  5. Thank the both of you. The background is that i'd like to create a website using Second Site 2 for a special branch of my family. (And i want this with all relations, sidebranches, cousinlines, etc.) And i don't want the other branches to appear there. So i thought i'd copy all data to a new database (so i won't loose any since i keep the original DB) and delete all people i don't want to have on the website. - Philipp
  6. Hello! I would like to delete a whole familybranch from one of my projects along with all cousins, partners of cousins, their kids, etc. If i disconnect one of the couples i would have 2 separate trees and one of them i would like to get rif of. Is there a way to do so? Thanks, Philipp
  7. Hello. Thank you, but it didn't solve my problem. Under File > Page Setup on the Page Setup screen there is no Printer-button. Also it doesn't look as if there was a place reserved for a button like this. All i can enter are 4 parameters: - the paper-size (only far too samll sizes!), - the paper-source field is grayed out, - selection for landscape or portrait - page-borders. No button saying "Printer" or similar. I'll try to upload a screenshot of my VCF-Page-Setup-Screen in the next days. (I am using TMG 7.02, Vista, PDF-Creator is installed and working) - Philipp
  8. Hello, i try to expot a VCF Ancestor-Box-Chart to a PDF-File by using PDF-Creator as printer. As far as i remember there used to be an option (going through File/Page Setup/Printer) to setup the pagesize so the whole chart could easily be exported on a single page to PDF. The problem us: There is no File/Page Setup/Printer anymore. All that is left (under TMG 7.02) is File/Page Setup. Is there another possibility to set the pagesize in VCF? - Philipp
  9. Hello Michael, it is not easy to describe what i would call "beautifully designed". IMHO TMGs reports look pretty typewriter-like: No free choice of fonts, no elegant footers or headers, etc. Compared to f.ex. PAF, Legacy, FTM or Reunion the results are rather unsatisfying. My workaround is to export everything to "The Complete Genealogy Reporter" or for familytrees to "familytreefactory". But since i really like working with TMG i'd be glad not to have to use a workaround. Maybe it's just my settings that make it look that way. Do you have any recomendations for output-settings? - Philipp
  10. Hello, from time to time i create reports or familytrees. I my opinion the standart reports are not really beautifull designed. So i usually export everything to GEDCOM and reimport it to different programs that might give me a result that i like more. But doing it this way creates other problems. F.ex. the programs that have nicer layouts are usually not as flexible in output-configuration as TMG is. So it it's a compromise in both ways - flexibility against layout. So i would like to ask if there are ways to improve the standard layout of the reports or if there exists something like a "nice layout" addon for TMG or if somebody knows other ways to create nice looking reports. - Philipp
  11. Thank you, Michael. That is exactly what i was looking for. Regards, Philipp
  12. Hello. When is started my research about 2 years ago i had a "glorious" idea. I created a source called "Website" and just put the URL of the website in the citation detail. Today the source "Website" is cited about 5800 times in my project. Now i would like to change that. For example i would like to create a new source called "Wikipedia" that has only links to wikipedia entries in the citation details or a source "Thepeerage.com" where i only have URLS from thepeerage-entries in it so i know more detailled from what website i got my info. But how do i find out how many and which "Website"-Sources have "www.wikipedia" oder "thepeerage.com" in their citation details? Will i have to got through all 5800 citations and change them manually? Or can i somehow create a report that sorts every occurence the source "Website" by its citation details? The problem is a bit complex and my english not so fluent, so if i couldn't make myself fully understandable please let me know. Regards, Philipp
  13. Hello. When i create charts i often have Names that are cut off dur to their lenght. F.Ex.: "Baron Ludwig Sebastian Emanuel von Immenstein zu Oberfels" gets truncated to "Baron Ludwig Sebastian Emanuel von" So the familynames get lost when the full name is too long. Is there a workarund or a setting i haven't found? Thank you in advance, Philipp
  14. Hello. When i try to Drag'n Drop a exhibit i get the followig errormessage: "Operator/operand type mismatch. 9 FRMEXHIBIT.CONIMGLIST.OLEDRAGDROP" There is a simple workaround by importing exhibits by using the "Add" [or maybe "Import?"]-Dialog in the exhibitwindow. However it is not elegant and slows workflow down. It either is a bug of TMG v7 or (as i guess) Vista Ultimate (it is the first time i run TMG under Vista and it has a lot of annoying restrictions - maybe Drag'n Drop is one of these...). Is there any known solution? - Regards!
  15. Hello. During the last year i added some infos that were based on telephone calls or personal meetings. While i recorded every WRITTEN source i forgot recording the "word of mouth" sources. I'd like to change that as long as i remember most spoken sources. Is there a way to find all events that haven't a source yet or will i have to go through every single entry and check manually? (Sorry for my poor english - it's not my native language.) - Thanks, Phil