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  1. I recently upgraded to TMG V8 UK Edition. While there are some minor issues I have yet to figure out one problem is that whenever I start TMG a dialog box informing me that Windows is configuring Quicken appears. While everything runs smoothly after I cancel out of the dialog box, the whole thing is a bit unnerving. Any suggestions?
  2. Nope. I tried to create a family group sheet. TMG hung up on the blank screen where the screen version of the group sheet would normally be displayed. I had to close TMG using Task Manager. TMG did, however, create a PDF file. In this case it was C:\Users\Dad\Desktop\TMGtest.pdf. As in the previous attempts the file size was shown as 0 bytes. Trying to open the file in Adobe's PDF reader resulted in the following message "There was an error opening this document. The file is already open or in use by another application." Stuart
  3. The following copied from the TMG Report Definition Screen - Decenant Indented Chart: J:\Word Perfect Files\wptxt-TMG\Morton John K0358 20100425.PDF . Stuart
  4. You sound like you are trying to use the Wholly Genes PDF Writer v3 directly. You can't do that. You should never select the PDF driver as a printer driver from TMG (from Printer Setup) or from any other application. You set up the PDF driver as I described on the forum (link above). To print a report to PDF from TMG by selecting the output as Acrobat (PDF) on the report definition screen (File type). You then specify the path and filename for the PDF file (File name). When you click [Create Report], TMG will send the output to the PDF driver. I am quite aware that the TMG PDF printer is not for direct use. My problem is that when I try to get TMG to prepare a report it hangs -- the computer freezes -- shortly after the "Progress..." screen starts up. I added the WordPerfect bit simply as another potential clue. There is in fact nothing to print as the PDF files TMG manages to create are 0-byte files as TMG freezes soon after the point in the process of creating the PDF files where the shell of the file is created.
  5. I'm confused by your reference to trying to delete the PDF file from within WordPerfect 5. Did you select Save to: Acrobat (PDF) in the Report Destination? Virginia Before having to use TMG's PDF printer I save the files in WP format. After changing to the TMG PDF printer and saving the reports as PDF files I left unchanged the existing Preferences setting in TMG specifying the folder where the files would be saved. I happened to be using WordPerfect for something else and decided out of curiosity to see if I could delete the 0-byte PDF files from within WordPerfect. WordPerfect does a reasonable job of opening PDF files and of converting standard WPS files to PDF files. It would have deleted a 'normal' PDF file, so I was surprised by the message. I only included the message as a bit of additional information which might provide a clue to those more knowledgeable than I as to what is going on. Stuart
  6. I am running TMG v7.04. My operating system is Windows 7, 64-bit. After some frustration trying to get reports to print I followed the instructions to install the PDF printer, including removing the previously installed PDF printer, reinstalling the printer, and creating a new printer port. A test using a group sheet report worked fine and I mistakenly thought my problems were over. Yesterday I went to create a descendant indented chart. After I clicked on "Create Report" the report program started up. As expected, it showed the initial preparation box indicating it was processing 800 or so persons. Then everything froze. When I went into Task Manager it showed both the report program and TMG as "not running." I had Task Manager end both programs. I checked in the file in the folder I have designated for reports. TMG had created a PDF report, however, the file was 0 bytes in size. Today when I tried to delete that file from within WordPerfect x5 I got the error message "The action can't be completed because the file is open in Print driver host for 32 bit applications. Close the file and try again." Attempts at creating a new report, I tried both group sheet and descendant indented, resulted in the same program lock-up and the same 0 byte files which couldn't be deleted because they were "open in Print driver for 32 bit applications." The 0 byte files deleted without problem using Windows Explorer. After deleting the PDF files I tried to create a descendant indented report again. As before the "Progress" box appeared with the message "Calculating text for 806 people..." The progress indicator stopped at 75% with TMG frozen. Again I went into Task Manager. It showed both RR Descendant Indented and TMG as "not running." Any suggestions?
  7. Corrupted strings.dbf

    I am using TMG v.7.04 UK edition on a computer running Windows 7. With the exception of an occasional glitch everything ran fine until yesterday when the computer froze while there were several boxes open related to a source I was editing. Because everything froze I had to power down the PC and re-start it. When I tried to get back into TMG I was able to get into a project other than the one I had been working on when the computer froze but not the that project. Several different attempts using slightly different approaches all resulted in the same (or similar) message to the effect that the project could not be opened as it was already in use. After the last time I tried to get into the project and it froze, on re-entry into TMG after re-starting the computer the first message was something to effect that the structure was missing. When I proceeded I got the message "Table C:\Program Data\The Master Genealogist v7\strings.dbf has become corrupted. The table will need to be repaired before using again." Checking any of the options resulted in the program closing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.