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  1. Picklist of People/Filter Issue

    Virginia, Jim, and Dennis, thank you all for your reply. I figured it had to be a bug. Never have seen it in all the years of using this software. Virginia will take up your suggestion and live with the close window screen. Warm regards, Larry
  2. Picklist of People/Filter Issue

    I just did an optimize on my database and when I try to open the picklist now it is blank with the following error message: "OLE error code 0x800a17d: Unknown COM status code. 22 FRMNAMESEL.SHOW" Seems to be getting worse. Now I can't access the picklist at all. BTW just in case, I have had no power issues, wierd shutdows, etc. Normal ops except for this. Larry
  3. I am currently using V7.01 on a Windows XP machine. This evening I had to run a picklist filter. After completing it, I did not save the filter (did not need it anymore) so I cancel the filter. At that point it did not reset itself for the normal all people display and now when I enter someone in the computer I get a "value cannot be empty" error message. When I close down the picklist I get the same "value cannot be empty" message. I restarted the computer, reopened the project and still get this message. The filter at the top shows "surname = and blank then end." What can I do to get this back to the normal picklist (not filtered) so that I no longer get a ton of error messages. Is this a bug or what did I do wrong that might have changed with this new update? I have also shut TMG down, opened up two other projects and the issue is the same on all of them. I have tried to clear the filter and I still get the same result. It is if that clear filter button does nothing. Sure could use some help on this one. Larry Van Horn Brasstown NC