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  1. I am trying to import my most recent TMG file into Roots Magic 7.6.5 but it requires a .PJC file and does not accept the back up .SQZ file. How do I do that? I have done that before but too long ago to remember. I use Roots to sync with Ancestry but my offline TMG is the more complete and master file. Thanking you in advance! Ct Yank
  2. We are trying to work our Polish side of the family. Can anyone tell me if we 'share' our file with them would they be able to read our TMG file (which is written in English) and all it to be read by TMG in a Polish version. We would them be asking them to extend our info on the Polish side of the family and then send that info back (with what they have added in Polish) and be capable to read that info in English? Sounds a big ask! And if you use Second site is it possible to export files in Polish rather than English?
  3. I have recently found a relative making the journey to the UK via the NY, USA. Not exactly an immigration or an emigration issue but as a temporary passenger and visitor. Wonder if you have found any of these and how you might have added it as a source for TMG. Since it is my first use of this I thought it might be prudent to add it correctly in TMG . Any ideas in the best way to write this. He is a grazier and travelling to the UK with his wife. I know I have not been terribly good at creating citations in the past! Citation info from - Ancestry.com. UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2008. Original data: Board of Trade: Commercial and Statistical Department and successors: Inwards Passenger Lists. Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA). Series BT26, 1,472 pieces. Thanks CtYank
  4. Thanks Terry, Both you and Michael offered good ideas. I like your source option and that it would be used, in my case, as an anecdote tag. Thanks for taking the time to answer the question. Ct Yank
  5. Guess that makes sense and does mean not having to reinvent the wheel! Thanks. Ct Yank
  6. Hi, I have tried to start a new project but come up with an error message. Any idea what is happening? The error is: Alias is not found 592 COPYDICT. CTYANK
  7. Use of Dropbox

    I have recently upgraded to TMG 8.0. I also use a free program called dropbox to sync my laptop and desktop (www.dropbox.com). In this way I can work on a document on either computer and it syncs the changes to dropbox so they are updated on both the PC and laptop. Has anyone experience with this. Ideally I would like to access my TMG project file using both computers without recreating .sqz files and restoring. Ideally it might also be an option where my brother in the USA and I could co-jointly work the the same project. Any ideas?
  8. Use of Dropbox

    By the way thanks for the response. I have looked thru the duscussion and found it helpful! However I am not sure what I will do!
  9. You need to follow the report with an Endnotes report. This will produce a second report with the endnotes. With the different report engine in TMG8, the PDF report will include the endnotes. Thanks Jim, Works a charm.
  10. Hi, I too have had issues with the 64-bit computer. I do now have them appearing in the report writing phase as a PDF. However, when I am trying to add my sources as Endnotes, they are created but the PDF only shows the report (for example - a descendant narrative of four pages). I must confess I have not been a PDF user before always tryiong to write a report in WORDtill this 64-bit issue. But the endnotes do not appear, only the report. It does appear they are there because when I exit it says the endnotes on in a cumulative list and they will be erased. Any idea where they are hiding. Thanks Karen
  11. Hi folks, Maybe someone can help. When I open my Research log in TMG7.04 for an existing task I have set, the window which I open after to edit the task is too big. I can barely get my cursor on the save button. None of my efforts have allowed me to resize the Edit window for a task to bring it back to a smaller screen. Any idea of what little gremlins might be causing the problem? If I shrink the screen I have no access to the bottom save, close, etc buttons at all. Thanks Karen
  12. While this solves the problem it has caused other screens and their font size problems to resize in larger fonts. Wish I could figure out why the I cannpt move or resize the screen so I can view the save tabs, etc on the bottom of the right corner of the unviewable screen. Thanks Karen
  13. Thanks Virginia, That has made the text viewing size very large but has restored the screen so I can see the Save Cancel and Help buttons. Does look a little funny though. Not sure what it means by the v7 minimum sizing method and what that means but at least give me a sort of a solution! thanks karen
  14. When I use preferences to save my options to reload each time i open my project. I have trouble with the Tag Box and the option SHOW AGE. I tick this and apply but each time I reopen the [project the other tag preferences are fine but THE AGE COLUMN does not reload. If I want to view the ages in my person view I must reset it each time. Do you think there is a little man living there that is having fun making me feel stupid!!!!!!! LOLs
  15. Preferences Options Tag Box

    What you do changes the layout of the person details window and without saving that new, modified layout -say with the AGE column showing up- as you've experienced it won't show next time you open your project. Solution: check the AGE column under preferences and then save the layout (overwriting an existing layout or by creating a new layout with a significant name) either via View > Layouts > Manage layouts or by clicking on the "Save custom layout" button in the toolbar. Thanks heaps Vera. It is sometimes the little things that should be SIMPLE but aren't. You solved the problem ... just never thought about that! Karen
  16. Data Exchange

    What you say makes sense. Does it mean person 2 would just use the name as it exists in the master data set without any reference to the TMG ID #. For example Person 2 adds John Thomas Smith (in the Master set he is ID # 5) identifying him as #5 in the person data set 2 or just ignore the ID number since TMG will generate new numbers in Data set 2. Then person 1 uses the info on John Thomas Smith and just merges the info adding sources etc to the Master set?
  17. Hi folks, I am not really new to TMG but always learning. I have an interesting question in regards to the purchase of a burial plot by a family member/s. What would you experts recommend in creating a tag that would include the information obtained from cemetery offices on the location, purchaser, and details of said plot? In a number of our family they were bought before there was the "immediate need". Maybe it is an IRISH thing. Would love suggestions on the tag creation for such an event! Thanks CT Yank
  18. Cemetery plot purchased

    Thanks folks, Plenty of ideas there and surely a solution! Think since there are only a few the anecdote option sounds right then my date alswo indicates the timing of the purchase. Thanks again. CT Yank
  19. Cemetery plot purchased

    Thanks Teresa, It really was to understand how one might create a new tag or copy an existing one. In my family's case it has been more to highlight "unusual" family plot purchases. 1. E.G. my GM & GF purchased plots before they were married. The marriage records while 'supported' by the local church in NY represent a marriage record from Ohio. Why they were married in Ohio? The original marriage details from Ohio conflict with known info. 2. Another Aunt with three husbands had the plot bought by her 2nd husband's family. I was just wondering whether to copy an existing tag to create a new one, i.e. cemetery purchase and then how to define roles and sentence writing. The 'family closets' continue to surprise. Thanks CT Yank
  20. Installation

    I have recently moved from TMG 5.11 to TMG version 7.3 (and downloading updates) after purchasing the TMG 7 by disk. When I have tried to install a back up (.sqz file) from version 5.11 (which I have made as a back up and then tried to restore) I get two error messages and then it says the restore has failed. The # 1 error reads : DynaZip UnZip Error: No files to test, extract, etc (No items match file spec) Number #2 error: Errors occurred during restoring. Input file read failure- This occurs when read operation is performed on a zip file or restricted by another process. Must I do something else since I never upgraded to version 6 of TMG? It is frustrating for sure! Advice appreciated.
  21. Installation

    Thanks. I had a response from the TMG support team and you are spot on. Once I copied the info as a .sqz file to my hard disk it worked a treat! Thanks for the help. I am sure I will be looking for more info on TMG now that I get back to working with TMG 7.3 Thanks Karen