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  1. Hi, when I start up TMG it wants to be unlocked and is asking for serial number. I unlock and it runs well, maybe next time it doesn't ask to be unlocked, but eventually it pops up again and I have to unlock. Best regards Finn
  2. Hi, I have access to a A0 printer, but has to create a printable chart file to be used on a computer without TMG. My idea was to create a PDF file but I cannot choose A0 size - only A4. How can I print PDF in A0? Best regards Finn
  3. Installing after 'Trial'

    Dear Mr. Byram, Please notice I have also the expired trial period from first start, and I have never had any beta version installed. Please tell me what has gone wrong in my case. Regards Finn Frederiksen
  4. Trial Expired

    I've installed the trial version on a "fresh" Windows 7 PC, and TMG 8 also reports that the trail period has expired.
  5. Hi, I have some questions about the use of tag list in another language. I have set TMG to Danish language, and menus are shown in Danish, but the tag list is still in English: - How do I create my own tag list, and save it for future use? - When starting a new project. How do I use the tag list I have created? - When importing a GEDCOM file from an other program. How do I use my tag list? - And how do I change the tags from English to Danish within an existing project? Thanks Finn Frederiksen