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  1. I am running Windows XP sp3 (not 64 bit) and consistently get this error report. Still waiting for a fix.
  2. WordPort Spawn Error

    I am using Windows XP Pro SP2 with TMG 6 and 7 on D Drive. This problem plagued me in both Version 6 and 7.
  3. This error persists on my desktop with V7. When I try to develop an individual narrative from the sample project in Word 2000 or later, I get the Wordport Spawn Error, followed by contact technical support. Any ideas? Everett Hunt
  4. I am getting a "WordPort Spawn Error", followed by "conversion error #20", "contact technical support", when I try to print Journal report in Word or RTF format to a file or printer. (I have emailed technical support) Using XP pro with TMG6. I would appreciate any help. Everett
  5. Report printing problem

    I am getting the same error message with efforts to save a journal report to a Word file. I have sent two emails to tech support but have not had a reply.
  6. I created this website originally with TMG 4.0, but only recently with Jim Byram's help discovered how to do the same in TMG 6. Please take a look at this recording of Hunt Family Pioneers in the Northeastern U.S. http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~huntpage