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  1. What happened to the Age tag in the Customize Other Info window? It seems to have been replaced by something called "Selecte". Enabling Selecte doesn't provide any values. I have English (U.S.) selected as my language. I looked up Age in English (U.S.), English (U.K.), and English2 -- there was no substitute entered for any of these. I uninstalled and reinstalled TMG and the problem persists. The Age tag works correctly in the Sample Project. Therefore the problem must be in my working project. I've Optimized, Validated File Integrity, and Optimized several times.
  2. Customize Other Info

    Virginia That did the trick Thanks,
  3. I came across an interesting test while testing free programs. Could a test be added to the Audit report for people born less than nine months after the previous sibling and the multiple birth flag = 1 or ?. Rick
  4. Please add a check to Validate File Integrity to make a marriage tag primary. I noticed some wierd results when testing some genealogy software for techsupport alerts. One of the spouses would not have a marriage link to the other, e.g. the wife would have a marriage to the husband but the husband did not have a marriage link to the wife. This was due to a couple of hundred instances in my database where one spouse had the marriage tag as primary but not the other. There was about a dozen where neither spouse had the marriage as primary. I'm positive I didn't add them that way. In fact the only reason I ever switched one marriage tag as primary for another was for engagements or the like, I'd make the marriage primary if it wasn't already. Thanks, Rick
  5. Non Primary Marriage Tags

    Michael, I ran a List of Events report with the following filter to find all 250 or so of my errors: CODE Tag Type... | Label | = Equals | MARRIAGE | AND ( Principal1.. | Primary marker | On | | AND Principal2.. | Primary marker | Off | | ) OR ( Principal1.. | Primary marker | Off | | AND Principal2.. | Primary marker | On | | ) END I have no idea how these crept into my file but I'll try to watch for it when adding folks from now on. Most but not all of the non-primary marriage tags were on Principle 2. I usually add marriages by alt-a then o (Add Spouse menu item) but maybe a third result from the prompt after adding both parents to a child. Good point about VFI. I can't imagine why someone might want a marriage tag primary for one partner but not the other but perhaps someone could enlighten me. Perhaps John Cardinal will pick it up in the utility. Thanks, Rick
  6. FYI, Web > Search the Web > Rootsweb.com no longer works. Ancestry must have tweaked something on their site again. Regards, Rick Tonsing
  7. When TMG 7.04 checks for updates on my Vista Home Professional 64 bit I get an "Associated Application Not Found" error message. Keystrokes: Alt-h = Help menu Up 3 times = Check for an Update Enter Associated Application Not Found No application in c:\program files (x86)\the master genealogist v7 is associated with the update engine so it cannot check for updates. Please make sure [sic] that this software is installed properly.
  8. Virginia, Thanks, the work around works for Vista 64 also.
  9. Version 8?

    Personally I'd like to see the tab key function finally fixed properly on all screens. I know it's a small thing but the lack of attention to detail feels unprofessional. For example the Tag Entry screen opens with date highlighted. Pressing the tab key proceeds through the fields nearly as one might expect until the "Cancel" button is highlighted. The next tab key press does not go to the Help button. Instead it goes to the "Search for Digital Books" button. The next tab key press goes from the "Search Digital Books" to the Help button instead of "Look up this place on the web" The Master Source List goes Add, Edit, Delete, then jumps to Close, Help then jumps back to Search, Search Again, Copy, Renumber, then skips Merge to land on Cite Globally, Import, Export, then backtracks to Merge, then skips ahead to Less.
  10. How is the Exhibit Log Filter supposed to work? I want to locate where a specific exhibit file is attached. I'm taking the following steps: 1. Menu-->Tools-->Exhibit Log 2. Sort--None 3. Focus--All Exhibits 4. Type--All Types 5. Filter--1865 [the value I want to find] 6. Nothing Happens 7. I press Enter 8. The filter works but I also get the Select files for new exhibit, e.g. same as if I had clicked on the Add button. The Add button is the highlighted button when the window is opened. I suppose that if Delete had been highlighted then the filtered file would have been deleted. What I expected was that either the filter worked as I typed in the filter value or that the filter only would apply when I pressed Enter after typing. Or a search/filter button to initiate the filter might help.
  11. Exhibit Log Filter

    Jim, Yes pressing the tab key works. I've also found that pressing the Next arrow works as well. I still feel that the way the filter works is obtuse--not intuitive at all. Nor does it work the way other filters in TMG work. For example, the [F2] people and place search works as you type. Thanks for your prompt response, Rick
  12. This is almost trivial but it annoys me. When I click on one of the source previews and click Ctrl-A to select all of the footnote (or whatever) then Ctrl-C to copy, nothing is copied to the windows clipboard. In other words, if I then go to Notepad and Ctrl-V to paste nothing happens. However if I manually shade the entire preview without using Ctrl-A , then ctrl-C will copy the text and Ctrl-V will paste it in Notepad. I can duplicate this behavior every time in all of the source preview screens and with the sample database. Thanks, Rick
  13. I'm getting a "1234Subscript is outside defined range. 3258 GO_ASOUR" error when attempting to export to a GEDCOM file. I've validated and optimized the file. I get the same error when using the default GEDCOM export but not the bare bones one. I suspect that the corruption issue has crept back into my database. Thanks,
  14. GEDCOM Export Error

    Virginia, I don't have a source 0 in the Master Source List. Thanks,
  15. GEDCOM Export Error

    Roy, The 3258 was from the error message in the original post and probably has nothing to do with the number of sources. I have less than half that many sources. Rick
  16. Picklist

    When "Link Project Explorer to Other Windows" is selected the Picklist behaves oddly. It searches normally as I type but when I quit typing it continues processing my keystrokes then reverts back to the person I was on when opening the picklist. I've observed this behavior on both the simple and expanded picklists. I've dealt with this for a long time now (several minor and at least one major version) and know how to fool TMG into behaving otherwise. I wait a couple of beats after the the picklist stops searching then type the final character of the name. I've never seen this mentioned in the forum so I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this behavior. Regards,
  17. Picklist

    Um, I'm hunting and pecking but you appear to be right. In the couple of seconds that it takes the picklist to open I can type enough to cause this behavior. Thanks for the tip.
  18. The spell checker says "No suspect words were found" even when there are obvious mispellings. The default is set to Internal and the language is the default English. Thanks, Rick
  19. My last use of TMG was to back up everything. Now the program freezes when I open my project. I opened app.ini and changed LastUsed= to blank. The program opened fine to the welcome window. However it froze again when I selected the Sample project. Should I try reinstalling TMG? Rick Tonsing
  20. TMG 6.12 Locks on Startup

    No I haven't. I checked the log files for both the anti-spy and anti-virus. I reinstalled TMG and the problem went away. Rick
  21. The source types on merges and imports defaults to Miles instead of Lackey. My Current Project Options are set to Custom Source Types based on Lackey. I started with Lackey and switched to custom. My New Project Defaults are set to Lackey. Importing any gedcom file to the current project and the new data set gets the full set of Miles Source Types. It should be either Lackey or my custom Source Types. Importing any gedcom file to a new project correctly gets the Lackey Source Types. I thought great--no cleanup. However, when I merge the new project to the current project the new data set Source Types explode into the Miles Source Types. Please report this behavior to the developers. Thanks, Rick
  22. How can I delete many exhibits at one time from the exhibit log? I ran across an issue where I had over 600 external exhibits linked to a source. This source has no connection to the exhibits and I have no idea how they got attached to this particular source. Anyway, it seems that I must select them individually one at a time by mouse, click delete, and then click Yes on the are you sure screen. I can't even suppress the are you sure screen for the exhibit log in the file preferences. Is there some way I can select most of the sources and delete them at once?
  23. TMG 6.09 Deleting Exhibits

    Outstanding idea. Although copying using the Master Source List Copy command creates a copy with all 600 exhibits. However, I'll just add a new source identical to the old to get around that issue. Thank You
  24. TMG 6.09 Deleting Exhibits

    John, That's what I thought. It would be much simpler to recreate the 33 citations than to delete 600 exhibits. Thanks,
  25. http://tinyurl.com/2sygxj The surnames Toensing, Tonsing, Pittenger, Farmer, Holsapple, Gosser, Bernard, Martin, Brown, Walker, Brashear, Young, Pittinger, Nicholas, Johnson, Looney, Woody, Smith, Bowen, Böhning, Preston, Jones, Bogart, Thompson, Challiss, Williams, Raney account for 1/3 of the people listed. Includes lists of people buried in the Farmer public and family cemeteries in Tarrant County, Texas and a list of people with Tonsing and related surnames from the Cleveland, Ohio City Directories.