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  1. Has anyone had an issue with TMG randomly changing some dates by (one day)? Im using v 9.05.0000 and this problem has evident for several years. I've learned to accept a one day discrepancy. Bert Webb
  2. Flag Values

    Michael Thank you for your possible solution. Currently the database is 75% usable with the default TMG configuration. What I was able to come-up-with that is working: For the existing database that I'm having issues with I was able to simply list them as living (y) and this removed them from those who have passed exhibits..(I neglected to mention that exhibits were where I was having a problem and there was involvement with Second Site III software.) Then I configured a user item for SS and the exhibit issue was solved. For new entries that reproduce the problem I just remember to list the entry as living (Y). Bert
  3. Flag Values

    Would it be possible to add another value to the Living Flag. (I have a need with my particular use of TMG) I would also like to change my existing living database to this new flag without making several hundred entries. Bert
  4. Ok Lets see if I can explain my needs the first time without confusion. In the Tools section I choose Renumber people in the selected data set. The choice is From #1 to 440. The results is: The data is alphabetized but the ID numbers are not. The NEED: Data alphabetized with corresponding matching numbers from 1 (A) to 440 (Z) The Problem: When I use SS2 my photos are not alphabetized on my website. Thanks Bert