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  1. Hi, I am having the same problem that Dave reported a month ago. As of today, I can't log into any TMG project, including the Sample. I am using ver. 7.03 with Windows XP media center edition. Everything has been running fine until now. I am getting the following error message when I attempt to open TMG in any project: OLE Error code 0x80040154: Class not registered 48 TMGAPPOBJDOFORM The only thing out of the ordinary that I have done during the past few days is to uninstall TMG v6 that I am no longer using. During the uninstall I was prompted about keeping some DLL files if I was uncertain as to whether they were necessary for any other apps, and I elected to keep them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how about fixing the problem? Thanks Mike D.
  2. Hi, I'm not a TMG developer, but I have done my share of database development in my day, and I suspect that the answer to your question is probably in a word you used in your post just before this one... "randomly" Random errors are typically a great deal harder to fix than readily repeatable ones. If a programmer can replicate a problem over and over again, the source of the problem can be tracked down and repaired. But random errors can lead a programmer on a merry chase. Mike Daugherty Frederick, Maryland
  3. Hi Have any of you noticed any unusual settings in Preferences after using the "Reset Defaults" button on the main Preferences screen? I have been working on a presentation about using TMG preferences for the RUG, Roots Users Group of Arlington, VA. As part of my preparation for the presentation, I loaded TMG v7.01 on an XP laptop, using the latest download from the WG site. I then created a Test project and opened it. I did this because I needed to see what the preference defaults were "right out of the box", so to speak. I then went into each of the 22 various preference screens and reset every default to something different. I then saved my changes and exited from TMG. Then I went back into TMG and opened my Test project, and all of the preference options reflected the changes that I had made, as I expected they would. Then I clicked the "Reset Defaults" button, selected both, and OK. And here is where my troubles began. After what I thought was a full reset of my defaults, I found that A GREAT MANY of the preferences had not been reset, and still reflected the changes that I had made. The following is a list of the preference options that did not change back to the initial default. General - Old style date range: Both starting & ending year contained the new years that I had set them to. Startup and Exit - Show Welcome window: Did not change back Startup and Exit - Check the website for an update every ___ days: Did not change back Startup and Exit - Check for messages every ___ days: Did not change back Data Entry - Minimum font size: Did not change back Data Entry - Maximum font size: Did not change back Data Entry - Advanced - Place labels: Did not change back Data Entry - Advanced - Name labels: Did not change back Data Entry - Spell Checker - Did not change back Data Entry - Use tabbed version of Tag Entry - Did not change back New People - Surname: Did not change back New People - Given name: Did not change back New People - Birth Date - Years are within ___ years: Did not change back New People - Disqualify parents, children and siblings: Did not change back New People - Display warning in red: Did not change back Item Tips - Show Item Tips on Associates list: Did not change back Exhibits - New image exhibits should be added as: Did not change back Exhibits - In the Exhibit log, when an external image exhibit is missing: Did not change back Slideshow - Self-optimize: Did not change back Slideshow - Default Slide duration (sec): Did not change back Lists - All worked as expected Prompts - Prompt to search for embedded citations when deleting a source: Gave appearance of no radio button selected Warnings - Warn when selecting multiple witnesses using Simple Picklist: Did not change back Project Explorer - Enable Drag-n-Drop: Did not change back Tag Box - Undated tags sorted: Did not change back Tag Box - Identify Primary Event with: Did not change back Tag Box - Show History events for unlinked people: Did not change back Custom Styles - Name style: I set it to custom; it did not change back Custom Styles - Place style: I set it to custom; it did not change back Reports - Prompt to open file output: Did not change back Reports - Flag changes update the Last Edited date: Did not change back Reports - Preferred output types: I selected only 2; it did not change back to all Colors - Merge Candidates: Neither Left or right colors changed back Colors - Lists: Did not change back Colors - Window backgrounds: Did not change back New Project Defaults - Source categories: Did not change back New Project Defaults - Short place template: Did not change back New Project Defaults - Default country: Did not change back Other - All worked as expected General - All worked as expected Colors - All worked as expected Places - Default country: Did not change back Advanced - All worked as expected Other - All worked as expected Am I doing something wrong here?? Mike
  4. Hi Dean Ditto on what Michael and Joan have said. I have a Palm LifeDrive with GedStar Pro loaded on it and there have been times when it has been of great use. I can slip it in my jacket pocket and take it anywhere. And, like Joan, I use it for reference at times when I don't have access to my pc, like in a graveyard, for instance, and the fact that I can't do data entry on it is no problem for me, because it would be a real pain to enter data on a device that small, even if I could. Mike
  5. Tag names look odd

    Hi John, I don't yet have Second Site, but I do have TMG Utility. I tried to replicate what you reported a few minutes ago, and everything seems to be working OK for me. When you created the copy, TMG would have automatically given it the name of "census19001". When you edited it to make your changes, is there any chance you forgot to change the name in the label to "census1910"? Mike
  6. My modified marriage tag

    Thanks for the info, Teresa. Mike D.
  7. I used TMG's slideshow manager for the first time today and created a small test slideshow with 21 family photos in it. I saved it under the name "FamilyPhotos". It plays fine through the slideshow manager. Then I clicked "Export", and in the resulting dialog I checked "Include Slideshow Viewer" and selected an empty folder on my C: drive to export to. The path to the folder was C:\SlideshowTest. Then I clicked "Export". When I opened the SlideshowTest folder after the export I have two sub-folders within it: OCX and SOURCE. The SOURCE folder contains the images as I would have expected. There is also a group of files in the SlideshowTest folder. One of them is the application tmgss.exe. I double-clicked on tmgss.exe and immediately got an error message. During the cancel process I also got the following two messages. I have so far been unable to run the slideshow outside of the TMG slideshow manager. I am running under Windows XP MediaCenter Edition. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Update - I have now tried to create this test slideshow on two separate PCs, one under XP Media and the other under XP home. I then tried exactly the same set of steps using TMG v6 on the same two PCs, and under v6 I was able to execute tmgss.exe and view the test slideshow with no problem whatsoever. Thanks Mike D.
  8. Hi, I noticed that TMG v7 has a Preferences window with options to allow new image exhibits to be added as: 1. Links to External Files 2. Internal Exhibits or 3. Ask each time How do I go about seeing what this does in practice? For example, if I set the Preference to "Ask each time", at what what point in adding a new image am I supposed to be "asked"? By convention, I have thus far added all of my exhibits as External, mostly out of space and backup time considerations. But so far, when I toy about with this preference option my new exhibits are still appearing as "External", regardless of which of the 3 radio buttons I choose. So I am obviously doing something wrong. Any ideas as to what that might be? Thanks Mike D.
  9. Thanks, Terry. It all makes sense now. Mike D.
  10. My modified marriage tag

    Terry, Upon reflection, I guess the only issue is that it enables you to create a situation through re-naming that down the road can be quite difficult to go back and un-do. But since you have to go out of your way to cause the problem in the first place, it probably isn't really the problem that it first seemed to be to me. And being mono-lingual and with ancestors who are English, English and more English, I hadn't even considered the renaming necessity for other languages. Thanks Mike D.
  11. My modified marriage tag

    John & Terry, Your comments about the standard tags that have a Ctrl-Key, such as Ctrl-M, associated with them brings up something I noticed a short while ago that TMG will allow you to do that is very dangerous. I was somewhat surprised to see that TMG will allow you to edit not only the sentence structures of standard tags, as it certainly should, but also that you can edit the standard tag names themselves (which I'm not too sure is a good thing). Thus, the OP of this topic could in theory play a shell-game with his tag names: 1. Change the name of his Marriage1 tag to something else, such as MarriageTemp. 2. Change the name of his Marriage tag to Marriage1. 3. Create a new tag called Marriage. 4. Copy the sentence structure from Marriage1 to Marriage to give it the original Marriage sentence structure. 5. Copy the sentence structure from MarriageTemp to Marriage1 to give it the original Marriage1 sentence structure. 6. Delete the MarriageTemp tag. The result of these changes would be that Marriage1 would now be the tag with "Ctrl-M" associated with it. However, it would also mean that every tag in the data that was originally named Marriage would now have been renamed Marriage1, and every tag that was originally named Marriage1 would now have been renamed Marriage. It has taken me longer than I intended to reach the point here, which is, that I am not entirely sure that it is good that TMG allows the standard tags to be renamed. I actually stumbled across this by accident some time ago when I was in the process of creating new tags like Birth-Alt, and managed to rename my Birth tag somewhere along the line. Then I was really surprised when the Birth-Alt tag appeared every time I pressed Ctrl-B, rather than the Birth tag. It then took me a while to unscramble it all. Mike Daugherty Frederick, Maryland
  12. Hi I have been tweaking my preferences over the past couple of days, and I am mystified as to what the minimum and maximum memo font size fields in data entry preferences actually DO. I have tried fiddling around with them in conjunction with fiddling around with text in some of my memo fields, but so far, I can't see that they accomplish anything. Could one of you TMG Gurus please enlighten me? Thanks, Mike Daugherty Frederick, Maryland
  13. Hi I typically do not use either the automated update checking feature or the "Check for Update" option on the Help menu. Since I visit the WG site pretty much daily, I just keep an eye out for available updates while I am there. But, this evening I executed the option on the Help menu and met with the following: 1. TMG closed. 2. I was then presented with the check for update dialog. 3. I then hit the "Next" button and got the "Update Checked" message which informed me that I was running the latest version of TMG. 4. I hit "Ok" and was left at my Windows desktop. This brings me to my question. The TMG help text for "Check for Program Update" states: When the update is complete, TMG will automatically close and reopen. My system did not perform an update because there was none available. So, does TMG not re-open the application unless an update was performed, and if so, is this by design? Mike Daugherty Frederick, Maryland
  14. Hi, I have just noticed that if I go to "Preferences", "Program Options", "General" and change my date format to something different, that the dates in my details window reflect the change right away, but the dates in the open associates window do not. Closing the associates window and re-opening it does not make the change either. But if I make a change within the associates window (i.e. change the sort order or apply a filter), or exit from TMG and then re-enter the application, the date format in the associates window changes to match the format that has been set in preferences. Mike Daugherty Frederick, Maryland