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  1. Virtuall the same happened to me as did to Walter. The offered update v8.04 downloaded, closed TMG and started to install. After a few minutes a message flashed on the screen indicating the install had failed and to try again later. I went to open TMG but no icon. TMG is not seen going via the START program. When I looked under Control Panel/Programs and Features there was no TMG file. Do I need to follow the reinstall instructions pinned above or can I use my original CD (V8.0) and unlock code then run the update to V8.04? I am in the UK using Win 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit Tom Gray
  2. I am using TMG v7.03 Gold UK edition with Windows Vista Ultimate. When I click on "Check for Updates" from the help tag in TMG the programme shuts down and I then get the following error message. "No application in c:/program files/the master genealogist v7 is associated with the update engine so it cannot check for updates. Please ensure this software is installed properly". I have installed patches 01 02 and 03 using check for updates and had no problem. Any ideas why problem has started now and what I need to do to cure it. Tom Gray
  3. Check for Updates

    Virginia, Thank for the link and I have applied the workaround, however......... When I went through the check for an update routine it advised I was running TMG v 7.00 which I am not as I checked before starting and it was v 7.03.000 The message advised to press next to begin. After the update is downloaded it will be automatically applied. When next started TMG should reflect v 7.03.000. Thinking it was odd that it thinks I'm using v 7.00 I accepted the download. On pressing Next it advised that it would be saved as c:/programme files/the master genealogist v 7/placeholder.exe. I continued and the process was over in the blink of an eye. I repeated the above as it was obvious nothing had downloaded and this time I noticed that download file size was 000000 Bytes. It still thinks I am using v 7.00.0000. I then checked in the nominated folder and there is a file called placeholder.exe which says it is 5.41KB. Nothing happens if I double click on it. A third attempt still offers the same download and still thinks I am using v 7.00.0000 when the "About TMG" shows v 7.03.0000. Any ideas? Tom Gray
  4. Sorry this is so long winded. My old PC used Win XP SP2 and I have recently bought a new laptop with Vista Ultimate as the OS. I used an easy transfer cable to move all my files from the old to the new but it does not transfer the actual programme. This meant I had to re-install TMG v 6 UK Gold Edition and unlock it with the serial number which it did but I then had to apply the updates from V6. 09 to V 6.12. That seems to be where everything went haywire. Firstly it would not allow me to get the update via the “Check for Updates” function so I had to go to the Wholly Genes site and download them from there. I followed the instructions to the letter and the system told me I was installing the UK version and was not applicable. I knew it was the UK version of the update as I took particular care to down load the correct file. I tried several times and eventually they seemed to install but when trying to open TMG I got an error message saying Access denied which after clicking on the Ignore option (three times) opened TMG. I then restored the back up of my project which I had saved. I then started to get Missing file messages by the dozen when starting and closing TMG and odd screen displays like duplicated tag lines the person view of TMG which I know are not duplicates. Moving to another person and back again seems to solve that particular issue. Reports do not function properly. I ran an old report which was 7 pages long and got less than half a page. I tried to send a message to technical support using the function from within TMG but the page you get to copy and paste to your word processor was missing so I typed and sent one. No response so far. It was obvious something was wrong and I went through the process of uninstalling and re-installing with much the same results. In the forum for the UK version I came across a message with a link to an article by Jim Byram dated 24-Mar-2007 which gave a fresh download file for V6.12 and various work around suggestions. After trawling through other forums I cannot find any further information on help with TMG and Vista and TMG is still not working properly on my PC. Is there a fix for this issue? Are there other sites which may have more information on resolving these issues? Any assistance would be appreciated. Tom Gray.
  5. Is it possible to create a group of tasks for a family? I have input tasks against each individual however I would like to be able to select all the tasks for a family as I have many family groups. I can get a print of all tasks per individual but for a large family of 10 plus parents this means 12 individual pages. I have tried creating a focus group of a family but there does not seem to be an option to use an FG in the Task List. I have also read that it is possible to send reports to MS Excel but when I try it does not appear in the drop down list but Excel is ticked in preferences list of applications to send reports to. My aim is to get a printed list of tasks with comments I have input for a family or larger group. Appreciate any advice on this. Tom Gray.
  6. Just started using TMG 6 (UK) today so bear with me. When I print a Narrative report to screen it appears as a single paragraph of continious sentences. What I would like to see is each Tag subject on a new line. There are 24 Tags in the the Report I am trying to produce. Some Tags have Memos included so they should remain as a paragraph but can it be arranged so that the next Tag starts on a new line? Tom Gray