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  1. Printing Reports

    Thanks for sharing your solution (temp or otherwise), Ron. I have had that problem under win 7 for a long time and been frustrated enough to put my research aside. I hope your solution works, and if it doesn't please keep us posted! Bruce
  2. Thank you Terry. Future of TMG is a great post. Bruce
  3. [Apologies if this message comes twice--I can't tell if it went--I thought I sent it but don't see it on the board.] Jim, thank you so much. I ran the installer and selected Repair and everything works like a dream--reports are printing and no problems! I wanted to paste a link to Frank Sinatra's "Blue Skies" but copy and paste doesn't seem to work-or I haven't figured it out yet.
  4. Thank you Jim! I had used Internet Explorer--so I switched to Chrome as you suggested and downloaded to my desktop and ran as administrator and then successfully upgraded to 9.04. However!...I tried to print a report (first Journal, then Desc. Narrative) and get these error codes: Locate comdlg32.ocx--(later I found one in Windows explorer, but it has a date of 2000, so I won't try to use that). I ignored that error, and then got this: "Ole error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 123 REPORTOBJ.MRUNRPT" Thank you for your help. Bruce Barker
  5. I have the same issue upgrading from 9.03. I followed instructions trying to download the file and save it (from another thread) which did not work because there is no option to 'save as'--only to run. Then I restored windows 8.1 to the day before (TMG 9.03) and tried to upgrade in the normal fashion from inside TMG (Help>Check for an Update) and got the error code above, and sent this Help request to TMG: "Error opening installation log file...". I was unable to find a ny log file, and checked under the Program files. I have not heard from TMG Support. Bruce