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  1. Hi all! I'm diving back in to my genealogy research after an absence of many years. Just upgraded to v7 and love it. I've been searching through the forums and getting a ton of ideas, tips and hints which are just incredible! I've been inspired by the thread about internal vs external exhibits...call me three quarters stupid, but including exhibits with TMG just hadn't occurred to me before. So, in preparing to collect all my exhibits, I'm looking for some advise.... I've definitely decided on external exhibits (vs internal). Which leads me to my question: How do you organize your exhibits and name the actual files? I'm thinking of just a simple directory tree of Surnames and then Given Name (and perhaps their ID Number). For example: Surname1 |_ John Henry (215) |_ Mary Jane (243) and so on, just two levels deep: Surname and Given name. Any thoughts on this? Also, what naming convention to you use for the actual files themselves? Before I get knee (or neck) deep in to this, I'd like to "get it right" since going back and re-organizing would probably be a fairly large project. Thanks! Steve
  2. Hi Debbie, I find myself in the same situation now...we have a reunion coming up and I'd like to collect updated info for everyone while they are there. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what you did in your situation? I'm planning on bringing my laptop with TMG on it it, but I think a line will form waiting for me to type everything in. Thanks! Steve