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  1. I first noticed this occasionally (well once <g>) in 6.02, but have just documented a case in 6.03 as well. VFI/Optimise etc didn't change the end result. (I noticed it when I went to merge, exited the merge, did the maintenance routines, then tried again, taking these snapshots from the post VFI db) See attached for example. Note primary name of the mother of the person being merged. Shows surname as SINTON on his PV, and LINTON on the lhs merge screen Both are Name-var tags for the mother, with SINTON as the primary one, although the LINTON one was primary until recently. In 6.02, from memory, it was the married name of a daughter that showed up instead of her primary maiden name. (Can't seem to upload this message with the attachment)
  2. Forums via email?

    Hi Karla, Likewise. I overcome this to some extent by staying logged in to the Forum, and if I want to digest what I've just read I leave the page open on my browser, log out of my internet conneciton, often with the Reply window already open. I can then read the messages, and type in the reply, ready to be sent when I next log in.
  3. local time

    Thank you (again) Virginia. My time was 1n hour shy, which made it quite interesting given the timezones only went up to GMT + 12 hrs and I was on that setting already, and an hour short still!! Then I noticed the daylight saving box underneat, so am now set correctly.
  4. Members Map

    Findability Jim. NZ isn't part of Australia. I agree the map could be bigger, but would have to admit the size reflects our importance in the world (my turn to duck).
  5. Logging in with "remember me" set

    I can't seem to get the Community Forum to remember me, kieeps telling me that the presumably saved password, shown as a row of dots on the welcome screen, is case sensitive, even though I've not changed it. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Or is this row of dots not updated when I've had to reset the password to get back in again? Lorna
  6. Members Map

    Like Jim, I strongly object to NZ being shown as part of Australia!!! Having finally figured that as I couldn't add a country, you must have it somewhere already, and looked under Australia. Like Jim, suggest renaming the map either Australia and NZ, or even better NZ and Australia It also took me ages to get the pin to show up in the right place, as it kept popping up several positions too far to the left rather than where I thought my mouse was pointing. Lorna
  7. Henderson, Lorna

    http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/lornahen/ and http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~h...rsonandandrews/