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  1. Hi,  I'm running TMG 9.05 under W10 on a Mac using Parallels Desktop 16.1.2.  My TMG window cannot be closed.  I was working with a source citation box (having used Add Person + icon) and must have hit cancel without then seeing the pop up box: "Are you sure you want to lose the changes to this screen?" and continued to work within the citation box.  Now I have three windows open, none of which can be closed (Add Person, Citation, Yes/No lose changes warning).  None of the Yes, No, Cancel, Ok buttons work and the menu items are all grayed.  I've tried to close the window through CTRL/ALT/DEL to no avail.  Have also opened a new window which will close but not the old one. Have shut down Windows, Parallels and my MacBook - nothing works.

    I can open and work with within a new window, but cannot optimize it nor back it up because the other window is still open.   HELP!!

  2. Hi, is there a way to pull up a list of sources that are attached to a particular repository?  Early on I set up two repositories that are named the same and I cannot recall the difference(s) between the two. If I could see the sources to which they are attached, it would help to see if I need to merge the two or write a memo for each (as I should have done in the first place) to establish their separate purposes.

    Thank You!