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  1. ID step & Adopted

    Thanks Terry. Works like a charm. I still have much to learn on creating filters.
  2. ID step & Adopted

    Hi Terry. Nice to hear from you. They are entered as Son-Step, Dau-Step, Dau-Adopted, Son-Adopted. Thanks, Grady
  3. Cousins Marrying

    When using the relationship chart function, I notice that selecting a child of cousins and another individual yields only the male line for the child of cousins. Is there any way to see multiple lines of relationships or just, say, the mother cousin's line? Thank you, Grady
  4. ID step & Adopted

    How can I get a list of step children and/or adopted children in my database of people? Thank You, Grady
  5. TMG is Crashing - HELP Please

    Knock on wood, problem seems to be fixed. A temporary fix - for each time problem #1 occurred - was Ctrl/Shft/Esc and terminate Task Manager under Apps. A permanent(?) fix appears to have been upgrading MAC OS to Sonoma 14.1.1. Perhaps the update was a bug fix? WGH
  6. TMG is Crashing - HELP Please

    Hi All, My TMG 9.05.0000 appears to be breaking down. In the last week or so, I've been getting increasingly frequent error messages that freeze TMG. 1) when editing tags get "Error initializing the printer" at top and below "OpenCurPrinter: Wholly Genes PDF writer V4, port: NUL; drive...". After closing that message get new error message: at top "CreateOneFont(b)" and below that "Error creating font". 2) Added two new people this morning without a problem, but then, upon adding a third new person, got the following messgae after clicking to note the source : "The Master Genealogist has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I'm using Windows Home 2004 on a MacBook 2018 with Sonoma 14.1 via Parallels Desktop 19 emulation. HELP!!! I've been working on a project for 3+ years now without major issue & was hoping to have enough time left until HRE is fully implemented. Extremely grateful for any suggestions. Thanks in advance, Grady Houseknecht
  7. Zip File Back Up Error

    Thanks again Jim. I can get it to back up locally now and then copy the file across to OneDrive. A little bit more manual than before, but not too bad. Grady
  8. Zip File Back Up Error

    Thanks for the suggestion Jim. Should have thought of it myself. Not that I think this would make a difference, but I forgot to mention I'm running Parallels/Windows/TMG on an external monitor. Tried rebooting Windows, rebooting the Mac, opening TMG on the Mac (monitor) only. Same problem/error message each time. Any other thoughts? I've stopped imputting data as the thought of possibly losing it would be nerve-racking. With the Mac I back up several times a day (automatically) via Time Machine to an attached hard drive. Don't know if I could recover TMG from it aside from this relying upon hardware and not the cloud. Again, thank you Jim for the suggestion. Regards, Grady
  9. Zip File Back Up Error

    I am using TMG 9.05 within a Parallels shell 17.1.1 for Windows 10 Home on a MacBook 12.1. Last successfully backed up 3 days ago to Microsoft OneDrive on my MacBook (2018). Tried to back up today and got a TMG error message: "Input file read failure - this error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a Zip file that is locked or restricted by another process." I can't think of anything I have done to cause this problem. It's possible I upgraded to Mac OS 12.1 after the last backup there days ago Any suggestions very much appreciated. Thank You, Grady Houseknecht "
  10. TMG Window Hung Windows 10 on Big Sur OS11.1

    Thank you Jim. Actually, I wasn't doing the Mac keyboard version of CTR/ALT/DEL (CTR/OPT/DEL), but erroneously was using CTR/CMD/DEL. Closed the program from Task Manager without getting involved in the background processes and that did the trick. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I'm running TMG 9.05 under W10 on a Mac using Parallels Desktop 16.1.2. My TMG window cannot be closed. I was working with a source citation box (having used Add Person + icon) and must have hit cancel without then seeing the pop up box: "Are you sure you want to lose the changes to this screen?" and continued to work within the citation box. Now I have three windows open, none of which can be closed (Add Person, Citation, Yes/No lose changes warning). None of the Yes, No, Cancel, Ok buttons work and the menu items are all grayed. I've tried to close the window through CTRL/ALT/DEL to no avail. Have also opened a new window which will close but not the old one. Have shut down Windows, Parallels and my MacBook - nothing works. I can open and work with within a new window, but cannot optimize it nor back it up because the other window is still open. HELP!!
  12. Source Search by Repository

    Thank You Jim - works great!
  13. Source Search by Repository

    Hi, is there a way to pull up a list of sources that are attached to a particular repository? Early on I set up two repositories that are named the same and I cannot recall the difference(s) between the two. If I could see the sources to which they are attached, it would help to see if I need to merge the two or write a memo for each (as I should have done in the first place) to establish their separate purposes. Thank You!