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Found 2 results

  1. TMG is Crashing - HELP Please

    Hi All, My TMG 9.05.0000 appears to be breaking down. In the last week or so, I've been getting increasingly frequent error messages that freeze TMG. 1) when editing tags get "Error initializing the printer" at top and below "OpenCurPrinter: Wholly Genes PDF writer V4, port: NUL; drive...". After closing that message get new error message: at top "CreateOneFont(b)" and below that "Error creating font". 2) Added two new people this morning without a problem, but then, upon adding a third new person, got the following messgae after clicking to note the source : "The Master Genealogist has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I'm using Windows Home 2004 on a MacBook 2018 with Sonoma 14.1 via Parallels Desktop 19 emulation. HELP!!! I've been working on a project for 3+ years now without major issue & was hoping to have enough time left until HRE is fully implemented. Extremely grateful for any suggestions. Thanks in advance, Grady Houseknecht
  2. Hi, all. It's been a couple of years since anyone posted about potential replacements for TMG. It's been five years since it was discontinued and I thought this might be a good time to sum up what is available and/or in development. I've no intention of discontinuing using TMG until The Worthy Successor emerges. I looked briefly at the mailing list at Rootsweb for TMG refugees but don't have time to trawl through it in depth. I also looked at HRE (History Research Environment) which sounds promising. I looked at their January 2019 newsletter, which didn't tell me much. I tried to look at their wiki (as linked on their website) and either the link is wrong or the wiki is down. I looked at the Github site (link broken, but I found it) and found it pretty opaque (I'm not a programmer but am familiar with the site). So can anyone summarize the current status of HRE? Will there be any alpha version available anytime soon? Does it have a planned timeline of two years, five years, ten years? Is there anything else available or on the horizon? Has anyone considered developing a comparatively simple UI update that could be run on top of TMG? Because quite frankly, the only thing making me ask these questions is how each succeeding release of Windows makes TMG harder for me to use. With all love and gratitude to and for Bob for everything he put into TMG for over 20 years. TMG has and continues to enrich my life ever since I first downloaded the beta in what, 1992? Even five years after being discontinued, it is apparently still peerless. What an accomplishment!