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  1. PDF Printer Installation Problems

    Yep, I tried: 1) Remove and reinstall the PDF driver 2) Re-register cdintf400.dll 3) Run the Repair option of the TMG Installer. For me, none of them seemed to work. However, something must have worked because I am no longer getting those messages. That's not to say that in a week or two, they won't re-appear. As I said initially, it's a recurring problem. Thanks for your help, Jim! Chuck
  2. PDF Printer Installation Problems

    Thanks, Jim. Long story short, it's working again. From your reply, I apparently gave you the impression I was trying to send my report output to the Wholly Genes PDF device. I was not. I was trying to send an Individual Detail report directly to my HP Laserjet device. It normally works just fine but occasionally, I get the 'OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered' message. When that happens, re-installing the Wholly Genes PDF print driver has corrected the problem. This time, however, re-installing the driver returned the 'Error Code: 1722, The RPC server is unavailable' message. I tried all your suggestions in previous forum postings but none of them helped this time. I searched the internet for solutions to the 1722 error and they all suggested ensuring that various services were running. All of the services in question were already running on my system. TMG was stopped, changes made, and restarted several times. Nothing seemed to help. That's when I turned to the forums. I don't know what changed or happened, but between my posting my question on the forum and trying to print again just now, my printing problem has gone away! Thanks for your help! Chuck
  3. I am running TMG v9.05 on a Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit machine. Periodically, when trying to print a report, I get an error: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. Cancel Ignore Help I understand this is a PDF printer installation problem. Usually, I am able to re-install the PDF printer and this corrects my problem for a period of time. Now when I try this, I get an error: Amyuni Document Converter Windows 64-bit x86 Install Printer setup failed Error Code: 1722 The RPC server is unavailable I have successfully re-registered the cdintf400.dll as Jim Byram suggests in his posting from Dec 27, 2015 however, I still get the error code 1722 when I try to re-install the PDF driver. I have removed the Amyuni Anytime PDF device and tried to re-install the PDF driver with the same result. I have run the Repair installation with no help. Since the error says the RPC server is unavailable, I have checked Services and found: DCOM Server Process Launcher Running Automatic Print Spooler Running Automatic Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Running Automatic Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Running Manual (This was stopped and I manually started it) RPC Endpoint Mapper (A forum on the internet suggested this needed to be started but I cannot find it) Any ideas how I can get the print function back? Chuck
  4. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Jim and Michael, I'm sorry for my misunderstanding. Thanks for clearing that up. Chuck
  5. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    In a posting to TMG-L, I said: On 7/30/2014 9:48 AM, Terry Reigel wrote: "You can download the "30-day trial" from the WG website. That is a fully functional installer for the current version. You can store that on your computer (you do have a robust backup plan to keep safe copies of all your important files, right?) and/or copy it to any external media you like for safekeeping. Keep a copy of your unlock code in the same place. With those two you are good to re-install in case of any failure on your system. Should WG issue any updates with bug fixes before the end of the year, remember to download the new installer to replace the one you have." ---------- I don't think that is the whole story. True, you can download the "30-day trial" from the WG website but Terry's second sentence is the key. It seems to me that what you are downloading is a "fully functional installer"; not the full version of the program files (directly). When you then execute the downloaded installer, it connects to a website and downloads the actual program files. So, let's say 5-years after you download the installer, you need to execute the installer again. Will the needed program files (or even the website) still be available? So, for those of us with licensed TMG software, is it possible for us to get the "full" CD-version of the latest software without paying the full retail price again (or even the upgrade price)? Chuck White Xenia, OH
  6. Just tried to install v9.02 on my Win7 Pro system and got the error message, "Cannot load 32-bit DLL c:\windows\system32\bblistviewv.ocx." According to a posting by Barbara Grempler on 13 Aug 2004 in the FAQ forum titled, "Cannot load 32-bit DLL", she stated that the problem was missing required system files and provided a link to download the missing files. However, she states that this problem/solution only applies to Win95 or Win98 First Edition. Specifically what required files are missing and how do I get them? Chuck White
  7. Printer Setup not retaining changes

    More information for you, Virginia. On my network, I also have a Canon MX892 color inkjet connected to another computer through a USB port. I tried sending my two-page Individual Detail report to that printer (through the Print Preview option) and got better results; however, the margins still don't match the settings (1.0"). The measured margins were: Page 1, top: approximately 0.6" Page 1, bottom: approximately 1.4" Page 1, left, 1.25" Page 1, right, 0.75" Page 2, top: 1.0" Page 2, bottom: the data doesn't fill the page so it cannot be measured. Page 2, left: 1.0" Page 2, right: 1.0" Hope this helps! Chuck
  8. Printer Setup not retaining changes

    Hi, Virginia. I reset the Individual Detail report to its default settings and re-ran my two page report to the Print Preview output. The margins appeared to be correct (to the naked eye). I then printed the report from the Print Preview screen. Using a ruler, I measured the top and bottom, left and right margins (measuring from the edge of the page to the closest edge of the printing). The top margin for page one is 1.25" and the bottom margin for page one is 1.0". The top margin for page two is 0.25". The left margin for both page one and page two is 1.125" and the right margin for both page one and page two is 0.875". I checked the margin settings under Properties in the Report Destinations section and they are all set to 1.0" (top, bottom, right, left). Chuck
  9. Printer Setup not retaining changes

    Hi, Virginia. Yes, this same printer worked fine in TMG v7. It is connected to my system through my LAN. The Configurations file folder is in the default location and I did install v8 to the default locations. I do not have the same margin problems in any other program. I'll try setting the Individual Detail report definition to its defaults and get back to you. Howdy, neighbor! I hadn't noticed that from any of your postings. I'm on the TMG-L also and find your answers there very informative but have not used the forums much. Looks like that's going to change now! Chuck
  10. Printer Setup not retaining changes

    Thanks for the reply and suggestions, Virginia. However, they didn't work. I tried selecting my specific printer under Printer Setup and changed the settings for Orientation and Duplex printing. When I closed out and returned, the settings had reverted back to the previous settings. I've tried setting the top and bottom margins in the report definition screen for the Individual Details report to 0.5" and printed a report for an individual whose report results in two pages. The bottom margin on the first page is 0.0" (the printing goes all the way to the bottom of the page) and the top margin on the second page is 0.0" (the printing starts at the very top of the page). When I change the top and bottom margins to 1.0" and print the same report, the bottom edge of the printing on the first page is 0.5" up from the bottom edge of the page while the top edge of the printing on the second page is 0.25" down from the top of the second page. BTW, I also checked and changed the Properties in the Report Destinations and Preferences in the Printer section. Those settings did not hold and were ignored by the report writer. Chuck
  11. I'm using TMG Gold Edition, v 8.04.0000 on a WinXP Service Pack 3 machine with an HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn as the default printer. The printer preferences are set to: - Paper type: Plain - Paper sizes: Letter - Paper source: Automatically Select - Orientation: Portrait - Print on both sides: Yes, flip over - Color options: Color When I select File > Printer Setup, 'Windows default' is selected under 'Printer'. 'Portrait' is selected under 'Orientation'. When I click on 'Preferences' in the 'Printer' section, it shows for the HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn Document Properties: - Paper type: Plain - Paper sizes: Letter - Paper source: Automatically Select - Orientation: Landscape (Note that this is different than the printer's setting) - Print on both sides: Yes, flip over - Color options: Color I then change 'Orientation' to 'Portrait' and 'Print on both sides' to 'No'. I then click on 'Okay' in the HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn Document Properties page and 'Okay' in the Printer Setup page. When I then select File > Printer Setup > Printer Preferences, the settings have reverted back to 'Orientation: Landscape' and 'Print on both sides: Yes, flip over'. The changed settings have not been retained. I have found the same to be true when I try changing the printing preferences under the Individual Detail report. This causes all my multiple Individual Detail reports to be printed duplexed (front-to-back) (i.e., when I try printing Individual Detail reports for two separate people, the reports print front-to-back rather than two separate, single-sided reports.) Once this problem is resolved, we'll work on the Individual Detail report ignoring the bottom margin setting! Chuck White