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  1. PDF Endnotes in TMG7.4 individual report

    Well, whad da ya know! Thanks Terry, I've been scatching my head over that. You'd think after all the years I've been using TMG I'd have come accross it before. I had a suspicion from the TMG help, but your response makes it make sense now. Just shows I'm an MSword manipulating man and I'm lost without those *rtf files! Jim O
  2. - I've just installed TMG 7.4 on win7, so, as expected, I can't print report to *.rtf etc. - Have managed to install the PDF printer so I can at least get reports to a PDF file. But I'm having a problem with: Individual Report > Options > Sources. For this report I had set up - Endnotes + Unique - Show excluded citations - Include name sources - Include relationship sources - Disable "ibid. For *.rtf file output on XP this gave me a list of sources as endnotes at the end of the document. But when I run this to PDF output (both xp and win7), all the superscript "source numbers" are shown in the body of the text, but there is no endnote list at the end. Perhaps I'm missing something. Jim Orrell P.S. I would normally send this sort of query to the Rootsweb forum, but my mails do not seem to be getting through, I tried 3 different email addresses and no rejection email from Rootsweb.
  3. Associated Application Not Found

    I gave up on the check for update. As an aside I also replaced Comodo, as it seems to slow things down on win7. However, I still had problems downloading TMG 7.4. via “filekicker” I got 3 different file sizes, the first 2 failing. So it still seems a bit dodgy to me. So thanks for the suggestion. I note for many software updates it is the norm to download the whole program. Might be easier in the long run. Jim Orrell
  4. Associated Application Not Found

    OK, got new laptop win7 64bit and I have installied TMG v7.3 (I had v 7.3 downloaded and the 7.4 download gave problems with Comodo). So I thought I would install 7.3 and update to 7.4. I had problems with the update as described above, so followed the actions above: i.e. If you are running 'Check for an update' and you get the messagebox saying that no application is associated... Do the following work-around. 1) Right-click on the shortcut that you use to run TMG7. 2) Click 'Run as Administrator'. 3) If the unlock screen opens, click [Close]. 4) When the Welcome window opens, click [Exit] or When the program starts, exit the program. 5) Now start TMG normally and run 'Check for an update'. OK, I then got much further to the “current file downloading” box, but then got box with “Install Could not communicate to the network server, error 0. File not completely downloaded”. Is this a different problem, or should it be fixed now? Jim Orrell
  5. Reports in 32 bit

    Terry, In previous response you said "- There is at least one solution. It requires you to have a second drive defined in Windows 7 - say D:\ - and put your exhibits (and optionally the project) on that. Then, in XP Mode, map that shared drive so it has the same drive letter. Now the path will read the same in both machines, and the exhibits are accessible without issue." I have always made it my practice to keep programs etc on my C: drive and as much "data" as possible on another drive or partition E: . (Various reasons, image backup size and restore, data portability/backup, speed if second drive, etc). I do the same with TMG. This includes my projects, and anything else I can redirect there. If this practice was used with your method above, would this not negate the need to copy projects etc. Likewise with exhibits, but that is not something I use yet. Jim O
  6. Reports in 32 bit

    Terry, Many thanks for that informative "article", I've only just had time to study it. I must have missed it on Rootsweb, or thought by the time I was looking at a new Laptop, the report problem would be fixed. But as you say, it might not just be TMG that one temporarily needs XP for. So, simplest and cheapest option seems to be to keep an XP machine (preferably networked), and run TMG reports from that on the files on the Win7 machine (Ideally networked, or copy to USB drive). The more expensive and messier way, and possibly slower on a laptop, is to buy Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise Windows 7. I'll have to check out what benefits (or downside) there are for a Home user in any of those Op systems. Jim O
  7. Reports in 32 bit

    I did come accross an article about downloading a free "Windows XP mode" for windows 7 (I suspect a virtual window). Has anyone tested this with reports on 32 or 64 bit machines?
  8. I was a bit worried I did not originally get a response to this, so thanks Jim B for requesting an "official" solution. Although I'm assured there is an official feature request/ bug list or whatever, it's a pity we can't see it! Anyway in the meantime I have another workaround to help deliniate output to an *.RTF file. If you look at this thread on Rootsweb, you should be able to apply the same principles. Subject: [TMG] List of People Hyphen http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/r...0-02/1265581708 Jim O
  9. Exclude Living in Gedcom

    I think Suppress living details does not exclude the living, just their details. My method for this is to: - ensure you have your flags set correctly for the Living Flag. - run a filter to exclude living on project explorer - delete all from Focus group - R mouse, copy all copy to Focus group - run GEDCOM export using the current focus group. As long as your dates are set correctly, many upload sites will exclude the living for you, but some like GRU are too draconian for me (120 years), so I use the above method instead Re above method, you can also set flags for others you don't want in your output. There should be an easier way, if anyone knows please let me know!
  10. FamilySearch Certified

    Jim - Thanks for the info on the "official wish list", a pity it's not made public. I understand "in cell" editing to be able to edit/update displayed text (especially if it relates directly to a cell in the underlying database) without opening the complete record. E.G. with the PERSON tag list, to amend the date, or address or memo details without opening the whole record. Or to do similar from the Master Event List. This becomes more useful if more columns/cells of data are viewable. Michael - Thanks for your usual calming influence, but it's nice to know we are passionate about our software. There are only a few topics which seem to "light the blue touch paper". Jim Orrell
  11. FamilySearch Certified

    Why do we choose TMG? Because it is the best for our needs, or perhaps it compliments other genealogy programs we use. For me it mostly boils down to a flexible database that stores my info better than other programs combined with a way to filter and manipulate that data to produce output that is useful. I think it is easy, a bit like buying say a car, to be very defensive about the product one has chosen. But the advantage of software over a car is that is has great potential to be improved. TMG might be the best out there for my needs, but it could take an awful lot of improvement. Firstly, and to my mind most importantly, if a development team are serious about what their users want, they have an official "wish list", I and many others have asked for this. If it is there will someone please direct me to it? For me, and it might not be for others, TMGs major failings are: <> the speed of data entry compared to any other program on my PC (I suspect this is the underlying database). <> no "in cell" editing. <> lack of UNICODE - I don't need it now, but I'm sure I will in the future. <> a more flexible GEDCOM output (including incorporating Witness data as say an event tag, GEDCOM geared up for other databases). I hope you don't think this is "off topic", but I think the original query is about communicationg with the genealogical world outside of TMG and WGs "perceived" attitude to it and updates in general.
  12. FamilySearch Certified

    I like the idea very much, the more communication/ ability to share the better. At first site this sounds very complicated and harks back to the GEDCOM/ GENBRIDGE sharing of data discussions. However, if products like Legacy and Rootsmagic can do it, why not TMG? Or is TMG so different in structure it is not possible?
  13. Descendancy Report Spouse Information

    This previous thread might help 21 Feb 2009, 09:12 PM How to put children with their mothers in d'Aboville narrative report?, How to put children with their mothers in d'Aboville narrative rep http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...&hl=journal Jim Orrell
  14. Keeping 15 people out of reports

    I have created a PRIVACY at all costs flag and include such people there. I too have a branch that wish to keep even GGrandparents private (although anyone could easily get the info!). So I use this PRIVACY flag together with the LIVING flag to add (or not add) people to the Focus group via a filter on the Project Explorer. I then use the Focus group for anything I send out to "the world", mostly GEDCOM to things like Rootsweb trees, or to other people who I am not sure of. A bit messy, but once you realise some people value their family privacy more than others, it's the only way to keep the peace.
  15. Dual Monitor problem

    Fred, This Dual Monitor issue used to drive me mad, I had similar problems, particularly with Outlook, and different programs seem to react differently. I then discovered this on a forum somewhere which seems to work in most instances (XP still for me). - open your program, ensure it is NOT maximised - drag it to the screen you want it on. - close program (windows only seems to save the last "screen" when NOT maximised) - open program again, it should open in last closed NOT maximised screen. - if you want your program maximised, now is the time to do it. - close program again - open program again and its window should now start in the last NOT maximised screen, with the last maximised or NOT maximised setup. Hope my extended instructions make sense, but there seems to be 2 principles. 1. windows only seems to save the last "screen" when NOT maximised. 2. windows will always remember the last Maximised or NOT Maximised setting. Despite this some programs will not work on second screen (my old version of ABBYY screenshot reader), and some will not drag to the second screen (I think Video Studio). It's simple when you've been shown it, and it's easy to see how you can upset it by accident. You would think there was a setting. No idea if it is easier for Windows 7. Jim Orrell