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  1. I like TMG better than anything else that I have tried. BAR NONE!!!! I was on an XP computer and the newer versions would not work with XP and I could not afford to replace the computer so that I could use the newer program. I was on 5.11. So finally, the XP bombed and I have a windows 8.0 soon to be Windows 10 computer. Have downloaded the installer for V.9. but it is only going to last 30 days. I have the Serial number from my V5.11 and my "code" but the V9 will not accept that. John, I also use your "second site". Again. this is better than anything else on the market. Is that going to work with Windows 10 if I ever get TMG 9 to function?? What help can you give me? Pomala M. Black pamblack33@cox.net