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  1. Translation to Swedish

    Have one and will send it directly to you. Christer
  2. Using 6.010 trying to print reports from 20.000 person file. PC with 1 G memory, XPhome SP2, English US language on Swedish language PC When printing a journal report with more than 4 generation ancestors I always get an error box saying: "OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Panels: Maximum Panels Exceeded" Have to select Cancel then a box opens with "Unknown member RACPANEL 9MARKLANGUAGE" After clicking ABbort boxs opens with: "Unknown member ROBOOKMARKMAN 7FRMCHART5.UNLOAD Click Abort again and TMG closes File error.txt contains 2006.10.10, 08:05:07 2027Declare DLL call caused an exception. 17 STRINGINC 2006.10.10, 08:05:42 1925Unknown member ROLOCALE. 9 MARKLANGUAGE 2006.10.10, 08:07:01 1925Unknown member ROBOOKMARKMAN. 7 FRMCHART5.UNLOAD What is wrong ? What can I do about it ? Printing journal report with ancestor 4 generations or less is ok, Printing other reports with more than 4 generations is ok.
  3. Translation to Swedish

    Thomas I have started translation to Swedish. Contact med at cs snabela sivek.se Christer