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  1. Hello Vera, in the last few minutes I've updated my TMG to 9.03. I'm sad about the Information about the end of further versions and ... in my personal case ... that the problem with the tilde symbol (~) had survived in the new version. I fear I've to learn how to live with the manual correction of every chart with baptism-informations. Very sad. Thank you for your help, patience and understanding. Many greetings to Bevern! Mark
  2. Add "Spouse" - marriagename in search list

    Hallo Helmut, lieben Dank für die Anregungen und Hinweise! Der Filter ist abgeschaltet. Und die Dateiintegrität habe ich eben gestartet, aber anschließend war alles unverändert. In Deinen Angaben ist mir aber die Sortierung aufgefallen "Nachname (gruppiert), Vorname, Geburtsdatum". Ich habe für mich "Nachname, Vorname, Geburtsdatum" - also ohne Gruppierung - eingestellt, weil ich damit gut arbeiten kann. Wenn ich das umschalte, scheint Projekt-Explorer alles in Ordnung zu sein. Aber bei der Personensuche "F2" bleibt der komische Eintrag bestehen. Ich bleibe dran! Lieben Dank und Gruß gen Süden! mark A. Waldmann
  3. Hello together, again I've a situation that I don't understand: I add a (female) Spouse to a person and TMG ask me to create the marriage-name. I click "ok", and everything works fine. (The following situation describes only NEW Data-entries!) But when I look to the project-explorer, there isn't the alphabetical order "Surname, givenname". First there are the born i.e. "Doe, ..." and thereafter are the persons with the marriagename "Doe,...". Additional I've checked this in the List "search person" - same situation, BUT: every position with marriagename is shown as "[surname], [givenname] ([title])". When I open the entry "mariage-name" of these persons (mostly the wife) and click "ok", the entry seems to be safed again, and until now everything works fine. In my opinion there is a difference between the "add person" - with "marriagename" and the addition of the entry "marriagename". But I#ve no idea to solve it myself. Please has anyone an idea, how to handle without open every name-entry again / twice? Thank you for your patience and help and many greetings from Hannover Mark A. Waldmann
  4. Hello everyone, (again: I hope of your patience, because english isn't my native language.) I've tried to print the report "Pedigree" with "bibliography" and / or "sources in endnotes" in a pdf-file. The report itself is fine. But the last page of the report doesn't seems to end with a pagebreak. So the Chapter "bibliography" or "sources in endnotes" start at the bottom of the last page of the diagram. But in my opinion it should start on the next/new (!) page after teh report. If I print the report in a word-file (or other), I can manipulate the positions, but not the pdf-file. In my personal opinion, a part of this little problem is a difference between the standard pageformat "Letter" an my "A4", wich is here in germany usefull. Is this my failure or should I send this topic to the "wish-list"? Please give me a little hint to solve this topic! Many thanks and greetings from Hannover Mark A. Waldmann
  5. Thank you all for your great informations! BTW: @Vera -> Greetings to Bevern! One branch of my family is living there. And one of the former members was a blacksmith there...but about 50 years ago. Greetings Mark
  6. Thank you for your answer! ...although it isn't SO good for me in the next time. Meanwhile I've tried other symbols and every symbol has been printed correctly - only the "~" isn't correct. I think it is a problem of communication between TMG and VCF, because in the charts are places for the symbol, but not the symbol itself. Maybe VCF use the tilde as a command and don't understand it as an "printable character". You wrote "used in Germany for baptism" - isn't it a international unique understandable symbol? Thankful greetings from Hannover, Germany! I'll be hopefully patient for the next Patch! Mark A. Waldmann
  7. Hello together, I've just updated to TMG9.01 on Win7. Now I've tried to create an ancestor box chart through VCF. Everything works fine. But... ...every time the chart show the date of baptism, there isn't the abbreviation-symbol "~" ("tilde")! I've tried several charts. Only in the charts through VCF this symbol is missed. In the chart-creation directly into a *.jpg-file: no symbol. In text-based reports (without VCF), the symbol is correctly printed. In the event-definition-screen I've tried to change the symbol to \\u007e, but there's space for only 4 characters. Please can anyone give me a hint, how to solve my problem? I hope, that I've described my problem understandable, because english isn't my daily language. :-) Greetings from Hannover, Germany Mark
  8. Hello everyone, I've downloaded the Trial-Version of TMG8 and thinking about an Upgrade. (Although the Trial shows me, that the Trial-Time is expired an I could only read my imported TMG7-Data.) But: wich possibillity do I have to transfer the price to you from Germany? Please give me a hint! Thank you for your help! Many greetings from Hannover, Germany Mark A. Waldmann
  9. backup-SQZ-file without external exhibits

    I suspect that this is a reflection of the real issue. There is a (FoxPro) limit to the total number of exhibits that can be backed up and I suspect that you have exceeded that limit. Again, I recommend managing your external exhibits outside of TMG. Thank you for your quick answer! Following your hint, I've made a backup without any exhibits and everything works without error. So I'll make a backup manually in Windows. I'm very happy about the feeling of security that you gave to me with your Information. What is the limit of FoxPro to backup external exhibits? A few minutes ago I've tried 1.000, but it was the same error as above. Again many thanks for your help! and many greetings from Hannover
  10. Hello everyone, first: please be patient with my english-writing, because I'm from germany and it is not my native language. I try to explain my questions as good as possible for me. I have two problems to make complete backup of my TMG-project. I use TMG 7.04 gold. My project have 3974 persons with 5854 Names and 7567 external Exhibit-links. The problem is about the Exhibit-links: My project is filed in "H:\family\database\" and have app. 26 MB. I have 1392 Files with Documents and Pictures in a small Tree "H:\family\database\pictures\" and "H:\family\database\sources\". These Files are linked 7567 times into the TMG-project as "external exhibit". All files are together app. 140 MB) The big problem for me: I start a backup and in step 3 I have the first two fields - "project-data-files" and "external exhibit" I suppose -(in german "Projekt Daten-Dateien" and "Externe Exponate") activatet. My backup-file "yyy.sqz" from a few month ago include every linked file and I can open it out of the Squeeze-file correctly. But the last few days I've tried several times do backup my project again completely like some month ago. It works, but there are no Exhibition-files. To control the reason - I've looked, if there are exhibition-links are broken (the frown Smilie), no problems - I started the VFI-Tool and everything was fine, - I've tried to backup only the project-files - I've looked into the "list of external exhibits.log" - seems to be correct - I've started to backup on drive C: and on drive h:. The second one is another HDD in my PC, the same where I store all of my project. But no difference within the backups - I've searched a solution in as many forum-topics as I could find. Now I'm haven't got any more idea. It's clear for me, that I can backup my exhibit-files in my Windows-tree manually. So there's no real reason to be nervous about the security of my work. But why is the backup so different to the backups a few month ago? What are my mistakes? I don't understand, which switch I can use to give TMG the right command to backup all (!) of my project-files - inculding the sources and pictures. Is there a possibillity that I have to activate the Option "save a preview of external exhibit" in the project-options? Another problem while I backup my project: every time I get a message like "OLE exception error: Exception code c0000005. OLE object may be corrupt", but every time about another file: This time a timeline-file, another time a border-file or a project-dbf-file and so on. I select "ignore" and the backup continues. (But my fearly question is "is my backup now" defective? Will it be possible, in case of emergency restore my project? IMHO this is the main reason for a backup!) Please: Is the anyone, who can help me to secure my work completely like I did some month ago? Thankful greetings Mark A. Waldmann - Hannover - Germany -
  11. Event without principal - only witnesses

    Thank you very much for your quick help! I'll try it! Since now I've never worked with tags in the History Group. Many greetings Mark A. Waldmann - Hannover, Germany -
  12. Good evening to every reader, please be patient with my following text, because I'm not too experienced in English writing. I try to discribe my problem in words, that everyone understand my question. Since now I haven't found anything about this topic. I'm working on the Familymembers of my wife with nearly 3000 persons. The familiy "Lessing" belongs to the known writer, philosoph and thinker Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781). Because of this famous personen, the familymembers are proud to belong to this family and try to get together every 5 or 10 years to refresh and stay in personal contact. This year again there was this event. I was there and took some pictures of the present persons. Now my situation at home with this piture and TMG: I try to create the event "familymeeting" with date, location and every person on the picture as a witness of this event. For me it is important, that I haven't to create about 50 events (one for every person on the pictures), because for me it is important to see all of the names in one event. Now my question: In this event there isn't one person that I can define as a "principal", because everyone is identical as a guest of the museum. How can I create an event without a principal?? Is there anyone, who can give me a hint to solve this situation? Many thanks for your patience! Greetings from Hannover, Germany Mark A. Waldmann
  13. Dear reader! (Please be patient: I'm no experienced english-speaker or writer because it is not my native-language - I'm in germany. So I've to beg your pardon, if I can't explain my thoughts absolute exactly. It would be great for me, if you ask me, if I can't discribe my topic clear enough to understand. Thank you!) Now my topic / problem: I'm working with TMG 7.04 in some family-histories with about 2,500 names. One of the Communication-Tool for me is the reserch-log. I create every question that I have when I read and working up a new document. It is important for me to associate every reasearch-log-entry with a source AND a person or event (etc.). If everything is done, I print the research-entries (my questions) and give them to the familymember to answer the questions or fill the missing informations. My first problem is: to print a list of research-log-entries sorted by the source or the event, because it is easier for interviews with (mostly older) familymembers to work on one document and go to the next at the next date. Another of my problems is the next step: I get the answers back from the familymember and have no unique identification "symbol" to complete the right (!) research-log-entry. I'm not sure, if my words describe my problems exact enough but I hope although that you understand my topic. As I wrote: Feel free to ask. It would be great, if anyone can give me a hint to find an easy solution. Thank you very much for your attention and your patience with my english. M.A.Waldmann
  14. several names for one city simultaneous

    Thank you for your text. It is greatful idea to put the topic in the TMG-wishlist. As I wrote some time ago: for me the only unchangeble identifier for a city is the position in longitude and latitude on the Earth. To link to this identification every Name or Title, that everyone need for his individual work should IMHO be a way to think about. So I can imagine, that there will be a MPL with a key "Long/Lat", one primary Data-entry (that one you found in your individual sources / documents / etc.) and (like in the exhibitions) as many other entries that you would like to link with this position on the surface of the earth. The only problem would be to find the exact indentification of every needed position. In a further step it could be possible to enter Images or other documents in the exhibition of every single city-name. For me there are two questions about the rearranging of fields: If I rearrange any fields in my TMG, how can I export / import data with other People without the risk of losing information or import data in wrong fields. And In my individual work on the ancestors for me and my partner, there are some changes in TMG that I need everytime, some are only for one project and other changes are only to try anything in great data-sets (for example: like a footnote-report about the exhibitions with all images). How can I control to use the right configuraion of "field-changes" for the right project at the right time if I changes teh field-constellation? Sorry, but I'm not SO experienced in english-writing, but I hope I could give you the possibility to understand my "way-of-thoughts" That you and greeting from germany
  15. Hello Reader, I've got a Problem in the Exhibitions of TMG6 and need help. Some days ago I saved some Images of Ancestors as internal Images. (Most of them: JPG, color 24 BPP, Size 165x236 dpi, about 4 Kb each) Today tried to work again at the pitures. But first there where no Thumbnail of any Picture in the Exhibition-Screen. (The small blue background with the name of the pic was there but without Thumbnail) Then I tried to open one of the Pics and got a Error-Msg " OLE error code 0x. 228 FRMEXHIBIT.MVIEWEXHIBIT ". When I try to look and (maybe) change the Properties pf the Picture I got the Error-Msg " Unknown member CNTIMAGE. 30 FRMEXHIBIT.CONIMGLIST.RAITEM.RCLOADIMAGE_ASSIGN " Please, can anyone give me any idea about these Messages? Is there anything, that I'm doing wrong? Thank you for your patience! thankful greetings from Hannover, Germany Mark A. Waldmann