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  1. Virginia, I had already fiddled with the maximum and minimum font sizes. Now tried making them the same, but it didn't help. But I just now tried dragging the window (following your instructions) to a place where I could access the [restore down] button, and clicking on that seems to have done it. Tested it on a few records so it apparently is working throughout. Thanks so much! Joan
  2. Thanks, Virginia. I had already tried Center the Current Window and it did nothing. Your second point helps but doesn't completely solve it. I've now managed to move the window to the left and then back to the right, so I can eventually read all the text, but it's cumbersome to read that way. It still doesn't wrap around the way it's supposed to. I consider this, together with now using F9, as work arounds, but I'd like to get it back the way it used to be. Joan
  3. Michael, The F7 key produced the same result as clicking on the Memo button; that is, an expanded memo field with lines that don't wrap around, causing much of the text to be off the screen; and couldn't be exited from because the close button was not visible. But thank you for pointing me to the F keys. I am now able to get out of the expanded memo field by pressing F9, which is much better than using the Task Manager. But the Memo field is still not working right. It has always worked right before, including on my laptop. It's a problem for me because I often need to view the memo field in a Biography tag that I use a lot. Joan
  4. Just discovered this problem on 9.03 on my laptop (running Win 7). If I click on the memo button to get the full screen view, the only way I can get out of it is CTRL-ALT-DEL. (Tried every menu option that wasn't greyed out and nothing helped.) Memo works fine on my desktop, and the file on laptop was backup/restored from there. Made everything on Preferences identical on the two machines and the problem is still there. Tried it with and without Use the TMG 5/6 method of window resizing but neither way works. Also used Optimize/VFI/Optimize on the project before and after restoring to laptop and that doesn't help either. Suggestions?
  5. Thanks so much, Terry! I didn't know about that. I fixed it, and then had to fix the slight discrepancy between paths on desktop and laptop, and then the backup worked. And I'm very happy! Previous TMG versions were letting me get away with that discrepancy. I'm glad TMG provided the tools for fixing it (and I'm glad there was a guru to tell me about it). Joan
  6. Sorry for being redundant. I decided the TMG list was preoccupied with other matters. I hadn't received your reply there. I've already confirmed that v9 folders are specified for this project for all categories in Preferences on both computers. Even before I got the error message. Any other suggestions?
  7. I have TMG 9.03 running on both my desktop and my laptop, which are both running Win 7. I enter data only on the desktop and routinely use restore the sqz file from the desktop onto the laptop to get the laptop current. The first time I tried this after updating both computers to 9.03, I got an error message on the laptop, saying "Folder C:\Users\Joan Lince\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Projects\ does not exist". Why v8? I checked all the steps and I'm doing everything right, but now I see that the first dialog box in the restore process on my laptop gives, in the space for "Restore project to this folder:", the v8 path that I typed above in this message. That's what the restore program put in there. I've reviewed my paths in TMG Preferences Advanced on both computers and everything correctly says v9. So I have to conclude that the program is erroneously specifying the wrong path. I tried manually correcting the path in that first dialog box to read v9, but when I did that I got a message that the " Folder C:\Users\Joan Lince\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9 path does not exist. Create new folder?" That's incorrect. I looked it up in my laptop's Windows Explorer and it's there. What should I do?
  8. I have been staying with TMG v 5 to complete reports for a genealogy I have been working on for some time. Now it's finished (and I'm pleased with how it came out!) and I want to upgrade to v 7. I purchased the v 6 upgrade but never installed it. Should I do that now before dowloading v 7, or should I go directly to v 7?