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  1. Copy project appears not to work

    To Virginia and Glenn First of all my thanks Virginia for the video instruction and Glenn for his instructions about copying. Instead of trying these on the main computer I decided to install on the netbook, a reasonably uncluttered clean machine: needless to say both set of instructions worked a charm but one part of Glenn's instruction sprang out like a bolt of EverReadys, namely that the project you were trying to copy should be closed. The project to be copied came over perfectly as it did when using Virginia's. Back to the main computer - Virginia, your instructions once more gave a blank person page and blank everything despite the fact all files were copied and despite the fact that I used both methods ie, closed down and kept open the original project. Glenn, your method - close down project to be copied - produced the required result and I'm happy now but I fail to see why my computer had such an aversion to copying the project. Obviously there must be bug somewhere inside it. Anyway I now have the result I wanted and once again thanks to both for your help. Dave
  2. Copy project appears not to work

    Good evening Virginia and Jim First of all I have deleted all files from the new project directory Australian Family. To make sure nothing was left I did a reboot. Back in TMG I once again did Copy Project and during the copying process TMG opened a few windows from which I concluded everything was going OK. Once finished, I visually checked the number of files (81) in the Australian Family directory, which had now also all been renamed as Austalian Family, with the original Family directory. All the extensions and sizes matched. Then via the Projects file list called up the Australian Family which evetually gave me once again the total blank page, no index, Source List or anything else. Next step was to go to the Dataset manager which informed me that the dataset Australian Family was added but each of the 6 boxes and the title line was greyed out. My next step was to add the Australian Family dataset once more - thus now 2. Now all boxes tickable, clicked OK and got a 2nd Australian Family dataset. Going on the assumption that the first was useless, I considered deleting that but decided the wording that appeared - "are you sure you want to delete dataset Australian Family" meant I was going to delete the whole dataset! Is this true ? So I'm back once again to square on and still wondering what to do next. Virginia, the answer to the last question above is YES the Australian Family dataset does appear. Cheers Dave
  3. Copy project appears not to work

    Hi Virginia Thanks for your reply. When I called up the Australian Family in the Dataset, it wasn't there so couldn't be enabled. However I'm begining to get confused about Projects and Datasets again. I created a new project called Australian Family by copying the original FAMILY, therefore to my mind I dont have a dataset called Australian Family. I'm sorry to be so vague here but this is the first time that I have tried to copy. I have in the past created 6 new projects but never copied. I prefer projects to multiple datasets as I don't like having to wade through names ID prefixed by 1:000, 2:000, 3:000 Dave
  4. I am trying to copy my main project "FAMILY" to a new project name "AUS FAMILY" by following the instruction on chapter 2 page 16 of GTMOO. Everything seems to go OK, data appears transferred but when I click on the project name AUS FAMILY, all I get is a blank page, no names in the index, no master source lists etc, in fact nothing. When I compare the copied FAMILY file with AUS FAMILY the details agree exactly - file sizes the same, no files missing. I have retried this now three times and each time the same result. What is it that I am doing wrong? Can anyone help here? I am using v7.04 Dave
  5. Install TMG7 in Win7

    Thank you Jim Dave
  6. Install TMG7 in Win7

    Terry My thanks for your reply. I have read the Help topic more than once but would seem to have a sort of dyslexia when it comes to the subject of TMG and its installation. This started way back in 1986 when I was sent on a course to learn how to use Wordperfect on Wang and the first PCs. The instructor there, an Indian of indeterminate age, started of by distributing a copy of WPs 4.2 with the following instructions, which in that little box above my eyes has stayed permanently anchored. His words were “never ever willingly install a 3rd party program in the C drive and always make a separate drive for your programs as well as data”. And I have followed that advice to date and been saved a lot of grief from various malicious mails etc. There must have been 100s of mails sent on the subject of installing TMG7 on Win 7 but each reply seems to start with the words Installing TMG in Win7 is different! Then I “read” that TMG is placed in the C drive. I have two computers, one with WinXP where my TMG7 resides and a new Win 7 32-bit computer where anything but genealogy goes. On the XP machine I have installed TMG using the following preferences. TMG, and other genealogy related programs, drive I: Data resulting from those programs gets stored on dr E: In TMG Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced, I have the following sub-directories under I:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\ Configuration Files\Export\Repeat Files\Report Output\Slideshow\Timelines Under Drive E I have TMG-Backup7 and TMG Photo Exhibits In drive C:\Docs And Settings\All Users\AppsData\TMGv7 the following sub-directories, these being installed automatically: Buttons\forUpdate\Frames\Graphics\Languages\RRW\SysData All I want to know is whether I can install/will be allowed to TMG7 in Windows 7 in the same way as I have for XP. Sorry to ramble on. Look forward to your answer Dave
  7. Can anyone tell me where I can find a detailed account how to install TMG7.04 into Windows 7 please. I understand this process is so radically different than say XP that I have doubts about doing it. Dave
  8. Last Edited Date

    Thanks Jim and John for the reply to the first question - obvious when spelled out. Michael - Thanks for your suggestion too but I had tried that a while back and that's when I decided to go over to Excel as a temporary measure. The point being that the list of people report has to be compiled each time you want to view whereas the Excel report is always open on a second screen. On top of that I have Excel sheet divided into 3 columns - Person Ref.nr., Edit date and Tag(BMD or whatever). This way I can see when and where changes were made to any one person of my family. I realise my original request for a Last Edited date column can never give as much information as Excel - it wouldn't need to - but I would much prefer to have the first option within TMG at a click of a button. Hope this explains my thinking Dave
  9. I’m not quite sure whether these two subjects have been aired on this forum but being “related” to one another I’ll group them together. Firstly, Edited date for an individual: if I go via the picklist to check out a particular event for an individual that date, say 9 July 2009, always changes to the current date despite the fact that I made no changes to the item – just looked. Now I don’t call that editing in any shape or form. Why then does the date change? Secondly, Last edited date: is it not possible, either as a permanent fixture or option column, to include the true last edited date in the in the Expanded Picklist. I tend to do non-urgent editing on the basis of the oldest edited date, which I refer to elsewhere - Excel, but it would make life much easier if I could see visually that date in the picklist and even sort individuals by that date. Can anyone tell me why this hasn’t been addressed before? I only have a reasonable 3500+ individuals and I get frustrated, so what, as I read recently, does someone with 10 to 40 thousand people feel like?? Anyone? Dave
  10. In recently making a Gedcom file of my main dataset, I have come across an anomoly which, whilst not affecting the end result, raises the query "how do I change this?" In making the Gedcom there is a screen - step 7 Option screen 3 - which invites one to tick the various place fields. I have 4 custom fields amongst which the Phone field is changed to/added with Reg.Distr. (=Registration District) when the exact place of BMD is not known but in this screen this field remains as "Phone". In Edit the Master Style list the Phone field is correctly called "Reg.Distr." as per example: <[Company], ><[House/street], ><[Village/Area], ><[Town/City], ><[County/Region], ><[Country], ><[Postal], ><[Reg.Distr.], ><[Coordinates], ><[Temple]> I should add that the (Reg.Distr.) place names are all carried over correctly to the Place field when the Gedcom file is converted, in this case FTM6. Can someone explain why this field won't show correctly in Screen 3? My thanks Dave
  11. FTM 10 to TMG

    This morning I received my upgrade from FTM 5 to FTM10. Apart from the fact that I had to also update my .Net Framework up to version 3.5 which took a while, the whole installation process was what I would call "not simple". But never mind it's now installed. As I had already prepared a Gedcom from TMG v704, I thought no further aggravation. Then I discovered that one can actually WGs Bridge technology to imort a PJC file straight into FTM. Following what I thought was a fairly easy import I started FTM up, got into Tree mode and wow!! All my TMG attached photos were all in place alongside each name. Not only that but my Reference numbers as well. But then I began to dig deeper and strange things were happening. For instance, my great grand-uncle who never married was suddenly hitched to to his brother, my great grandfather. Then I discovered my great grandmother - not married to her righjtful husband - had in fact married 29, yes 29 times, amongst whom my granddaughter!!!!! Needless to say I scrapped the file and will try my fresh TMG made Gedcom file and let you know the result. I suppose a school report would comment - Must try harder! Dave
  12. I'm in trouble again. Way back in 2004 Terry sent me the formula for a "List of Events" report to get a report of all people who I had made a custom tag for - in this case Censearch which came out as: Tag Type... Label = Equals Censearch Date... is exactly ....30 March 1851 My problem is that I have tried to adapt this to find ALL, husband and/or wife and/or child and/or witnesses, people who appeared in the 2 Apr 1911 Census. The above adapted for the 1911 census only gives me the main principles, ie one person per family. I know I have at least 350 people with this tag but only 71 are being printed out. Can anyone help here My thanks Dave
  13. import function

    Hi Jim Thanks for the IMPORT.ini file, downloaded and successfully installed, giving all the import possibilities. Just before your file had arrived - and this is only for imformation - I had reinstalled TMG 4.0 and noticed that the import function was working perfectly. It was only when I installed the g40_d.exe file that the import function disappeared and produced the greyed out option. Cheers and thanks Dave
  14. import function

    Back again, Terry Using Firefox was again no go and then Internet Explorer gives same answer, this on three(3) different computers. Any chance of having the file sent up as attachment? Dave
  15. import function

    Hi Terry Thanks for the reply but I am receiving a "Page cannot found (error 404?)" Looks like the link is lost? Dave