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  1. I have just moved from Ver 7 to ver 8 but find when I make a chart that no pictures appear anymore in the chart. What have I missed? Richard Molvidson
  2. Moving or adding layouts

    Many thanks for such a prompt answer! Kind regards Richard
  3. Moving or adding layouts

    Many thanks for such a prompt answer! Kind regards Richard
  4. Hi How do I move the layouts from one computer to the other? In which folder are they placed by the programme V7 Kind regards Richard
  5. Journal photos of not married

    Jim Yes I am using your settings and having tried a lot of things, I now know why it did not work. The person did not have a Birth date recorded and evidently the Journal then does not pick that person up.... Having entered the Birth date (even only a year was fine) everything works again. Many thanks for your helpful advice as always. Kind regards Richard
  6. I am trying to print a Journal report with spouses and their photos. It all works well until someone is not married but have children together. The journal does not print the photo and the name. What am I doing wrong? Many thanks for any help! Kind regards Richard
  7. Journal Photos of both parents

    Jim It worked at once, many thanks for your prompt help! Kind regards Richard Molvidson
  8. Is there a way of printing both parents photos when you do the Journal report? Richard Molvidson
  9. Losing images

    Jim Fantastic, it worked perfectly at once, many thanks for your help!! Kind regards Richard
  10. Losing images

    Hi I have two computers in two different places and when I run the project on the second computer, attached images do not show up in the descendance report even though they did so on the first computer. What did I do wrong? I am running YMG 6.12 on both computers Many thanks for any help! Richard Molvidson
  11. Living tag

  12. Living tag

    Hi When I go to the Master Event List I can find 2 Living types for the same person. This is because I use the Living Tag to show where this person lives (City and Country). However only one shows up in Personal view. How do I delete the other one which shows up in the Master event List? Thanks for any help Richard Molvidson