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  1. Moving away from TMG

    I have already made the move - Adios! TMG -> Hola <insert name of software, fully capable of handling 64bit, windows 7 that doesn't take years to update or re-build> which is a shame as i have been using TMG since ver 4, but you just got to move with the times.
  2. The Future for TMG

    Are we there yet?! This software is slowly being added to the Love and hate list that i have...love it when it works, but so frustrating in a lot of area's. I'm sure it will be great when released, but this story is getting a tad old now and i hope it get's sorted soon. :cheers:
  3. Images attached to Source

    OK, thanks so much for your quick response.
  4. Hello everyone - I have looked high and low for an answer on this, but can't see the answer here or elsewhere. If i attach images to a source (census for example), is there a way of being able to have those images export to the journal report/Endnotes report in MS Word? Thanks Sean Any word on v8 yet, this is killing me!! I have created a virtual PC, re-installed word, now i have had to re-link my exhibits to point to the virtual PC directory structure..
  5. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Can someone tell me if the printing issues when using Vista 64bit is scheduled to be in scope for V8? I just got a new PC with the 64bit version pre-installed- Can't tell you how happy i am right at the moment when trying to print reports... Thanks, Sean.
  6. Williams, Sean

    Hi there - I wanted to show you my website Williams-Sherwood family history I'm using TNG and a custom web template that I have modified with Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Cheers, Sean
  7. Tag Entry Screen Error

    Hi - I have followed the instructions and continue to have the same problem. Cheers, Sean.
  8. Tag Entry Screen Error

    They are both wired Virginia. Please don't spend any more time on this, I'm swapping genie programs.
  9. Tag Entry Screen Error

    I have an msoft comfort curve keyboard (drivers up to date) and a msoft optical mouse. I have tried swapping the keyboards with no change to the issue.
  10. Tag Entry Screen Error

    Hi - I really appreciate you all taking time trying to help me. Virginia - I tried your suggestion, but there is no change. To clarify, I open the tag entry - place my cursor in either the date or place fields and press any key numeric or alpha and then it opens the exhibit log. If i place the cursor in the Memo field it works fine!! Vera - I will send you the files. Thanks again, Sean.
  11. Tag Entry Screen Error

    See the attached - I can't see any difference to when I actually click on the exhibit log icon. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and updated to the latest version. Thanks again, Sean.
  12. Tag Entry Screen Error

    I am navigating by mouse. The mouse can be anywhere, it's annoying i tell you that much for free! I can't do anything. Have tried to enable the onscreen keyboard, but it doesn't show me anything unusual. Cheers, Sean.
  13. Tag Entry Screen Error

    Was there any conclusion to this issue as I'm having the exact same issue :-(
  14. ADDR Tag not appearing in GEDCOM

    Thank-you for that.
  15. Hi there - I'm using 6.07 Gold Ed. and on exporting to a gedcom file cannot see any address (ADDR) tags. I have selected all tag types and all events. Is this a known issue - any hints?? Cheers, Sean.