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  1. Removing v6.12

    When I try to uninstall TMG 6.12 using Add/Remove programs from the Control Panel it says it cannot find the INSTALL.LOG. So, how do I uninstall it? Thanks.
  2. Problem in Add Person Window

    Here is another repeatable error: from Detail window (person view) for "X" person, I double clicked "father" to add an existing person. (no problem) Then I entered the person #. (no problem) Then I clicked Repeat Recent Citations button. (no problem) Then I selected topmost citation. (no problem) Then I hit "OK" on Citation window, and get the following error: GOADDPERSON is not an object. 2FRMCITATIONAP.MSAVE
  3. At one time I seem to recall that printing a Family Group Sheet automatically included the endnotes. It has been soooooo frustrating trying to get them to print. So un-user friendly. I have really had it with this program.